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Jacob Gallagher from Emmerdale is a significant turning point for Leyla Cavanagh.

Leyla experiences a transformative epiphany.

Leyla Cavanagh in Emmerdale has experienced a significant turning point thanks to Jacob Gallagher.

In light of his mother Leyla’s overdose this week, Jacob decided to postpone his exit strategy. However, the entire family was concerned about Leyla’s refusal to get help.

In the episode airing on Tuesday, both Jacob and Leyla’s husband Liam were shocked when she chose against entering rehab and instead would go cold turkey by staying with a friend.

When Leyla complained at the store that no one had any “confidence” in her ability to overcome her addiction without the assistance of a professional, Jacob became enraged.

“Faith? Are you kidding me? “Jacob became furious.

Then, Jacob astonished his mother by displaying to her a frightening image from the hospital where, while in a coma, she was connected to feeding and breathing tubes.

“You are that. heart attack. Comatose. almost dead, “Informing her. “That’s what Liam and I experienced. there it is.”

Jacob bluntly questioned Leyla whether she loved her family and, if so, how could she refuse the assistance she so desperately needs when she refused to look at the picture.

He said, “Swear to me, you’ll never again put us through that.”

Leyla eventually gave in and went back home to apologize to Liam for being a “mess” in the hospital.

Leyla informed her husband, “No one deserves to go through that, especially you.”

Leyla was reminded by Liam that she was the one who needed help since she didn’t deserve to go through this.

Liam told her, “This is a disease like any other.

As Leyla admitted: “It has me. I’m an addict, I’ll confess it.”

In exchange for her commitment to go to rehab “for as long as it takes” to repair their marriage, Liam reassured his wife that he loves her. As the episode came to a finish, the pair embraced.


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