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Podcast Backlinks 2022

How to get backlinks with the Podcast in 2021

Podcast Backlinks 2022
Podcast Backlinks 2022

The number of podcasts is 1.68 million podcasts around the world and more than 155 million Americans listening to 41.9 million episodes, podcasts are among of the most engaging and entertaining content types that digital marketers can use in 2021. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

Given the popularity of podcasts, it’s no surprise to see businesses investing billions on advertising for podcasts. However, marketing your brand and earning money from your show isn’t only the primary reason to start an online podcast. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

If you’re working in an industry that is competitive with SEO it is possible to use podcasts to gain numerous high-quality backlinks every month. Are you curious? That’s great! Here’s what you should be aware of. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

As you may have guessed that getting cold-outreach pitching for link building is becoming harder and harder each day. The volume of spam, poor-quality pitches and shoddy content are combining to make content managers hesitant about opening emails that appear like link building pitch. You must create something distinctive to entice your audience and increase the chance of having an backlink. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

Podcasts aren’t the same as blogs. In comparison to blog posts, podcasts are an original concept. It requires some effort to create a podcast and to promote such a useful, distinctive type of content could increase the chances of having the message approved. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

Apart from their uniqueness Podcasts also have advantages than blog entries:

  • You can reach audience segments that the written format isn’t able to reach.
  • Engage with your readers in a way that blog posts won’t. – Podcast Backlinks 2022
  • You can reuse your content from the past which will lower the cost of content that you have fixed.

Additionally, podcasts provide great opportunities to talk to industry experts, establish an online network, and boost the authority of your brand. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

Following this section you’ll discover how to create a podcast to create long-term link building opportunities by collaborating with industry experts. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

First Step: Begin Your Podcast

For backlinks to be able to come from podcasts, you’ll must have an active podcast. Assuming that this doesn’t pertain to you this is how you can start. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

Let’s tackle the primary question you’re probably considering: costs. Contrary to what you might think, starting podcast shows is not expensive. Based on David Hooper of the BigPodcast the possibility to start a podcast with under $100. All you require is an audio device, pop filter, and a podcast hosting service with the first two costs less than $100, and the third one being free to start.

The first thing you should be focused on prior to starting with your show is create a strategy. In the plan, you need to identify: – Podcast Backlinks 2022

  • Topic: What’s it?
  • Name What is it?
  • Audience: Who do you want to reach?
  • Frequency What is the frequency at which you post your videos?
  • Length What will the length of each episode last? – Podcast Backlinks 2022

With the basic structure set, you are able to begin coming up with episodes ideas according to your style. Each episode can be used to: – Podcast Backlinks 2022

  • Repurpose your most-loved content
  • Meet top experts from the industry
  • Interview clients
  • Discuss personal experiences and case research
  • Comment on other’s thoughts

To maximize the effectiveness of your link building efforts, it’d be best to choose the first two choices.

Repurposing your content helps you keep your current outreach initiatives intact. For instance, you can replace blog posts with podcasts as your content asset. Interviewing experts from the industry will assist you in making connections with individuals who could provide you with a few hyperlinks to back. Then, you’ll be able to see how this process works like. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

After you’ve set up your equipment, you’ll need to begin recording your first podcast and then edit the episodes. You could look over this article written by Eduard Klein, where he describes these steps in greater depth. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

If you are looking to reuse or even interview experts, it is essential to develop a target listto advertise your podcast. In this stage we’ll use the standard “Skyscraper Method,” in which you look for sites that can hyperlink to your podcast to enhance the quality of an article they have written. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

(You may also make use of your podcast in conjunction in conjunction with different link building methods such as damaged link building or link building for resource pages and others. In these cases it is necessary substitute your assets of content (i.e., your blog posts) i.e. your blog posts with those podcast episodes.) – Podcast Backlinks 2022

For the first step, you have to compile an outline of credible websites in your industry which you’d like to obtain links from. They can be located by searching for them using one of the following search terms:

  • [Keyword+ blogs
  • [Keyword] + best blogs
  • [Keyword and blogs that you can read
  • [Keyword] + a list of blogs
  • [Keyword plus blogs you can follow

Installation of an SEO toolbar, such as Ahrefs and then activate it. Make sure to only add websites with a high domain authority. In my experience I will always include websites with a domain authority of 60or more. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

To categorize the data you discover, make sheets, label”Link Targets,” the tab “Link Targets” and identify each of the five first columns in the in the following manner: – Podcast Backlinks 2022

  • The name of the site
  • Site URL
  • Domain authority
  • Manager name
  • Email address

You may also look up companies using the following query: – Podcast Backlinks 2022

  • [Keyword] + companies
  • [Keyword] + agencies
  • [Keyword] + companies that develop software
  • [Keyword + tools

All of the data on your worksheet, adding the information you’ve uncovered for the three columns that you have first You will be taught how to locate the manager’s name as well as email addresses in step 3.

Step 2b: Create an Experts ‘ Target Checklist

Although you may make use of your podcast’s content to enhance your current link-building efforts, I strongly recommend using it to conducting interviews with industry professionals. Conducting interviews with experts via your podcast is a great method of building trust with respected people from your field, whose networks will eventually assist you with linking-building. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

To begin with your industry experts’ list, create the tab “Experts” and then write in the name of the people you’d like to speak with. In addition to their names it is also important to include a column titled “LinkedIn profile,”” “Website addresses” along with “Email addresses.” – Podcast Backlinks 2022

It is possible to help you brainstorm by looking up the status of your Twitter accounts, LinkedIn connections, the blogs you follow as well as the newsletters you’re already subscribed to. Add everyone you meet in your database. – Podcast Backlinks 2022

When you’re out of suggestions, search for additional ideas by using one of the following search terms:

  • [KeywordExperts
  • [Keyword + influencers

After that, look up the LinkedIn profile of each expert and web address. If they do not have a personal website you can add the URL of the firm they are employed by.

Alternately, you can design new columns, and add social media accounts as well as their respective followers. The greater the number of followers and the more extensive and more well-known the business is, the better.

Third Step: Locate the Email addresses of your Target List.

Now is the time to search for email addresses of everyone you’ve located to date. To locate the people you identified in step 2a look up your company’s LinkedIn page, then open the page for employees.

Sort the results by titles. In the majority of instances, you will need to make use of keywords, such as:

  • Editor
  • Content manager
  • Content marketer

Select the individuals who obviously are involved in managing the blog on the website and then add them to your spreadsheet in”Autonomy” under the section “Manager Name.”

You can then find both your link’s target and the email addresses of experts using tools such as Hunter. In Hunter it is possible to add the site’s domain to the search engine and press enter.

Add the name of your contact to the search bar, and then look at the address suggestions you receive.

Repeat the procedure for every company, website and experts on both your list of link building targets as well as your expert’s list.

Step 4 Make Contact with Your List

This is the moment you must reach out to your desired list and determine their level of interest.

Utilizing tools such as Mailshake You can reach out to your link target on a large scale. All you need to do is to add the list of your target’s links with their names as well as email addresses, and then create an email template similar to the one Brian Dean shares in his famous “Skyscraper” blog post and send out the campaign.

When it comes to reaching out to your expert list it is best to use the opposite approach. Instead of soliciting a link, you should describe to them the person you are, who you are, what your business does, and the reasons you’d like to include them in your show.

Here’s a template that you can utilize to reach the experts on your list:

Hey [NAME”

“Hi, I’m [YOUR NAME] and I’m writing to you through your company. [EXPLAIN PROPOSITION FOR VALUE] ].

We’ve recently launched new podcasts about [TOPIC] and we’d like to include you on it. [SHOW SOCIAL PROOF[SHOW SOCIAL PROOF]

Are you keen to join an interview call lasting 30 minutes on [EPISODE TITLE[EPISODE TOPIC]?



Although it is not required, you can include some social proof to enhance the appeal of your pitch. The options to include are:

  • The number of visitors who visit your site each month your website gets
  • The number of subscribers to your email list.
  • The number of podcast listeners
  • Your domain authority
  • Your social media followers
  • Other experts that you have spoken to

If they’re interested, set a time and plan your questions. When you call them inquire about:

  • Their history
  • Their work and the challenges they face
  • A recent achievement that they published through their respective social media pages
  • A view on the situation
  • How they carry out their job

In your interview, do not think of the connection and concentrate on interacting with the interviewer. The more trust you build and the more you can build rapport, the better the interview and the greater confidence you build with the person.

5. Create the Episode

When you are done with your interview, you will need to edit the audio file. This includes:

  • Add your intro and your outro
  • Then add music and sound effects
  • Mastering, mixing and mixing your music clip

If you think this is too much hassle it is possible to hire an editor for your podcast to handle it for you.

When the audio file is complete then transfer it onto your host, receive the RSS link from the host and upload it to as many directories as you can (here’s the full listing of directories that you could look into publishing your episodes.)

Also, you should create an article on your blog about the latest podcast episode. In the post, you should explain the person you’re interviewing, what the major points of your interview If you can include a transcription.

embed the episode in your blog, or make sure to share it on social networks as well as with your email lists.

And lastly, send it to the expert and invite them to share the information with their followers.

After the show has gone live, you’ve earned confidence in the person you spoke with. Consider the business relationship you built as a valuable asset and not just a once-off chance to build links. It is possible to create numerous link-building opportunities with each person you talk to when you see it as a win-win-win situation in which both parties gain equally.

As you’ve already offered an advantage to the expert through interviewing them, and by promoting the work of their experts, they could request:

  • Contributing a guest blog post to their website
  • Then, they can share your story to their social media followers (as you’ve seen before)
  • Inviting them to link to your podcast in a relevant post of theirs
  • Then, they can share the story by emailing their list of subscribers
  • Create a webinar that is joint or other pieces of content that are joint (e.g. whitepaper, eBook)

This way, podcasts can become an important source of content that can be used to build links that are almost inactive. Interviewees will be required to share your content because of your “reciprocity” theory that was described in Robert Cialdini’s.

Last Words

Podcasts remain an under-explored possibility to not only build an audience of faithful fans but also to create connections.

If you’ve not yet thought of making a podcast yet now is the time to start making it happen. When you have started your podcast, this plan that you read about here will help you on how to build backlinks, and grow an SEO reputation.


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