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Tiered Backlinking Strategy

Tiered Backlinking Tips to Make an Link Pyramid

Tiered Backlinking Strategy
Tiered Backlinking Strategy

Backlinks are a crucial element to the SEO strategy. They tell an internet crawler that other websites consider your content to be valuable and useful. The more backlinks that you have, the higher your rank on search engine result pages (SERPs) increase. – Tiered Backlinking Strategy

If you’re looking to increase your SEO efforts, you should consider using the tiered backlinking technique. Create links to your backlinks in order to form the so-called “link pyramid.”

Today, we’ll go over the essential elements of tiered strategy for backlinking and provide tips for making the strategy effective for your site. – Tiered Backlinking Strategy

The Fundamentals of an Tiered backlinking strategy

This tiered strategy for backlinks focuses on increasing the value of the original backlinks that link to your site. – Tiered Backlinking Strategy

Let’s take a look at an example of how this strategy functions.

Imagine you’re the owner of an SaaS business. You’ve developed a website that will market your application. In the past, HuffPost has mentioned your application as part of an article. You now have an backlink from a site with a good Domain Authority (DA) ranking. – Tiered Backlinking Strategy

How do you maximize the value this backlink? You can make use of a tiered link building process – creating links to the particular HuffPost article to boost the impact of your site. The links will be classified as Tier 2. – Tiered Backlinking Strategy

If you’re willing to go an extra mile, you could develop links in level 3 to enhance the effectiveness of your Links of Tier 2. – Tiered Backlinking Strategy

Here’s the way your link pyramid is going to appear:

  • 1. Tier: HuffPost article with the hyperlink to your site
  • Tier 2. Links to specific HuffPost article
  • Level 3: Link to pages that promote Tier 2 links

The primary goal of building an ad pyramid is to boost your Page Authority (PA) of the webpage that’s in the middle of the hierarchy. In this case it’s a page in the HuffPost article. – Tiered Backlinking Strategy

Page Authority and Its Effects on Your SEO Strategies

Page Authority can be described as a measurement like Domain Authority. However, it’s used to a specific pageand not to a site generally. – Tiered Backlinking Strategy

Domain Authority for your website is determined by any backlink that links to your website. Additionally, Page Authority counts only those backlinks which are derived from the specific page.

Let’s look back at our case study – an article that was published by HuffPost. – Tiered Backlinking Strategy

HuffPost is a website that has high Domain Authority. It doesn’t mean every page has an impressive Page Authority.

Numerous new articles are posted daily to the HuffPost website every day. Certain of these articles are viewed by millions online and generate a plethora of backlinks. Others have only a few thousand views but no backlinks. This means that only the most well-known HuffPost articles have good Page Authority and can significantly increase the traffic to your website.

Source: https://analytics.moz.com/pro/link-explorer/

The tiered backlinking technique lets you to increase artificially your Page Authority score of a specific page that has an internal link to your website and, eventually, improve your site’s position in search results.

Naturally, you must begin to build the “pyramid” from the highest point. First, you must select a backlink from an DA 80 website.

Once you’ve completed this, you can begin creating “tiers.” Every level must have more backlinks than the prior stage. For example, if tier 1 contains 10 links, you’ll have to create 100 links for tier 2 , and 1000 links for tier 3.

Tier 1 must include your best backlinks:

  • Guest posts links
  • Links to the Resource page
  • Private blog network (PBN) links
  • Web 2.0 mini-sites links
  • Links from other sites which provide high-quality content and have a high domain authority

As you begin building the tier 2 of your website, you must to concentrate on the quantity of content instead of quality. You can select the following types of link:

  • Blog comment links
  • Forum comment links
  • Social media media links
  • Human-like Spintax Web 2.0
  • Document-sharing sharing links

Now let’s look at the third tier. In this stage you can focus more on the quality of content. In this case, you only must create as many hyperlinks as you can, and it doesn’t matter what kind of link you’re making use of.

Is Tiered Backlinking regarded as White-hat or Black-hat SEO?

Many SEO experts consider tiered link creation as a black-hat technique. Here’s why.

If you go through the Google’s Webmaster guidelines You will find that Google takes any non-naturally generated links as in violation of its policies. That means that if you choose to use poor-quality directory links or forum comments that have optimized links in your signature or in the post you are in violation of the guidelines. Additionally, it is important to know that Google does not approve of the use of automated tools to build links.

In the end, using tiered backlinking could be an act of manipulation. Be aware of the potential risks and consequences of using this type of link scheme for sites that are not of high-quality.

What happens if you Do Not Follow The Webmaster Guidelines?

If Google detects the use of the linking scheme it’ll initiate an manual decision. That means, your site or a certain page will be penalized or removed from the search results, without visual clue of the users.

It’s not obvious however Google employs researchers, analysts and statisticians to manually assess the quality of their search. Employing an illegal SEO strategy could fool search engines, but you’ll likely not fool experienced analysts and content researchers.

In addition, it is important to know that Google’s process for indexing is constantly changing. In the near future, Google will find a way to recognize more sophisticated link methods. If you’re relying only on SEO that is black-hat, Google will likely apply the manual method to your website.

How Backlinking Tiered Differentiates from Other SEO Techniques

Although tiered backlinking can be considered to be black SEO, it’s extensively employed. Why? There are two reasons for why webmasters decide to go with it.

  • This method is efficient and works.
  • This approach is less risky than other black-hat techniques.

What happens What happens if Google discovers that your link scheme is fraudulent? Google will perform manual actions to tier 2 and 3 links due to their connection to sources that are not legitimate – however, your Tier 1 links will stay in place.

wrapping up

A well-thought out tiered backlinking strategy could take any SEO effort to the next step. If you’ve got the resources to devise and implement this strategy and recognize the possible dangers, give it a trial. Develop links to your top tier backlinks in order to bring your site at high on Google Search results pages.


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