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Who is EastEnders’ Freddie Slater? Bobby Brazier’s character explained

All you need to know on the teen as he arrives in Walford.

For the first time since 2006, Freddie Slater is back in Albert Square thanks to Bobby Brazier, who will be portraying the 18-year-old teen in upcoming EastEnders scenes.

Since The Slaters have been a mainstay of the BBC soap opera for more than 20 years, Freddie comes from a cast with a long history on the program. You could be asking why Freddie is back, where he came from, and any other important aspects about the character as we are reintroduced to him as a young adult.

Because of this, RadioTimes.com has put together this helpful guide so you can learn everything you need to before Freddie becomes well-known. So continue reading to find out more or to review his history.

Who is Freddie Slater as he returns to EastEnders?

Little Mo, a beloved character on EastEnders who was portrayed by superstar actress Kacey Ainsworth from 2000 to 2006, is the father of Freddie. But before Freddie arrived, Little Mo became a beloved figure across the country. The kind soul’s mistreatment by her husband Trevor Morgan was made public (Alex Ferns). Years of suffering passed until Mo finally rebelled against another vicious assault. She used an iron to strike Trevor, and as a result, she was put in jail for attempted murder. In exchange for Little Mo’s release, he struck a deal with the Slaters; nevertheless, as payback, he later set the house on fire.

When Trevor’s plan failed, Mo was finally able to move on since she married Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick). After only a year of marriage, however, things took a terrifying turn when she was sexually assaulted by Graham Foster (Alex McSweeney) while she was working at The Queen Vic. This ultimately caused Mo to become pregnant, and although she explained that the kid could not be held responsible for their evil father’s crimes, Billy was unable to accept her decision to retain the baby.

Little Mo left Walford for a while, then returned for Graham’s trial and conviction. She had given birth to Freddie while she was away, and she and Billy tried to make amends. But once more, Billy suffered since he was unable to form a strong attachment with the child. Little Mo rekindled her romance with Oliver Cousins (Tom Ellis), but their joy was short-lived.

When Freddie was admitted to the hospital with grave wounds, he was at the center of a trying narrative. Little Mo was blamed of hurting Freddie by others around her, but Ben Mitchell (at the time played by Charlie Jones) was actually the one who had done it. Little Mo moved to Barnstaple despite being aware that she would always be looked at suspiciously. Little Mo was determined to survive on her own after spending so much time in the shadows. Oliver pursued Mo and Freddie, appealing with her to leave with him instead. We haven’t seen her or Freddie since she took her son and started a new life for herself. What will happen next when the young guy surprises his family, and what will be the reason for his return?

What can we expect from Freddie, and why is he back?

The first cryptic hint that EastEnders dropped about Freddie’s impending visit was that he would be on a “mission that could end in heartbreak.” We now know that shortly after arriving, Freddie will argue with Billy, the ex-husband of his mother, before realizing who he is and announcing himself as Billy’s son. But may that sadness be caused by Freddie discovering the truth about his origins now that Billy and everyone else in the know are aware of the volatile history?

Later on, though, we will witness Billy’s estranged wife Honey (Emma Barton) yelling at him and demanding that he speak with Little Mo about telling Freddie the truth. We’ll have to watch to see if Billy has revealed all to Freddie or if he has only informed him that he isn’t his father. Freddie will disappear while his family tries to reassure him.

The poor soul is in for a difficult start to life in Walford if he has returned to find his father. But as early depictions of Freddie show, there may be happier times ahead. Freddie is a normal Slater with a good heart who has inherited his mother’s generosity. It sounds like a Slater, alright, but he is also believed to have a sharp edge that drives him to stir the pot.

Chris Clenshaw, the executive producer of EastEnders, has remarked that Freddie Slater is an erratic 18-year-old with a delicate spirit. a young man of the present age who is spiritually attuned. He is welcoming and philosophical, but he is also mischievous and erroneous.

He’s a bit of a cheeky charmer, but he’s obviously a bit of a guy, Clenshaw recently added.

“He’s what I’d call a modern lad. However, he also has a spiritual side. He doesn’t look too far ahead; he somewhat resides in the present. He consequently fails to recognize the effects of his actions, and as a result, he frequently finds himself in difficulties.”

“He’s got a lot more depth to him,” actor Brazier added. “He’s not trying to show himself as a bad kid.”

We’re curious to see how Freddie does with the locals!


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