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4 huge EastEnders storylines airing in July

Right here, all the summertime rumours.

Spoilers for EastEnders follow.

A brand-new batch of spoilers is available for EastEnders this month.

Throughout July, there will be more exits, new faces, and secrets. Here are eight significant events that we may anticipate.

1.Avery’s hidden secret

Fans are ready to meet Omar Lye Fook’s character, Mitch’s estranged brother Avery, who will introduce a fresh new plot thread.

At first, Mitch won’t be happy to see Avery, but when his sibling unexpectedly passes out, everything will change.

Soon after, Avery’s sons arrive (more on that later), and they make a shocking discovery that will completely upend the Taylor household.

It’s up to the viewers to tune in to find out exactly what’s happening, but it’s safe to predict that as the Taylor family rallies behind Avery, this tale will take centre stage over the coming weeks and the rest of the summer.

2.Meet Felix and Finlay, please!

This month, Avery will be joined in Walford by his sons Finlay and Felix, who are portrayed by Ashley Byam and Matthew Morrison, respectively.

Tara Misu, Felix’s alter identity and the first drag queen of the Square, has recently been seen for the first time on EastEnders.

Regarding his personality, Matthew said: “As part of my work on EastEnders, I am fortunate to have the chance to follow in Tara Misu’s tough footsteps. It is an honour to speak on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community and to demonstrate the innovative art of drag to Walford inhabitants as well as spectators at home.”

3.Sam’s outrageous plan

Sam (Kim Medcalf) was at the centre of an unexpected twist in last week’s episode, and the surprises haven’t stopped there either.

Sam may be a hero in Kat’s eyes, but it turned out that she had planned the entire club theft, so her unselfish actions during the heist were not all they looked. She also has no intention of stopping there.

Sam’s story will continue throughout this month with Shirley also in her ear since she worries that her falsehoods are about to catch up with her.

Future episodes will dispel any misconceptions that Sam possesses the Mitchell’s ruthlessness gene, but perhaps not the one for family devotion, as there will be plenty more flips and twists along the way.

4.Sharon vs. Kat (again)

The old rivalry between Kat and Sharon has just resurfaced and will continue to be a major plot point in July.

In the aftermath, Kat and Sharon find it difficult to agree on anything as they both reel from what is about to happen with Phil.

Where does this leave Kat when Sharon’s actual feelings for Phil are once more questioned?


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