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Lucy Pargeter husband: Is Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle star married?

In Emmerdale, LUCY PARGETER is well recognized for her role as a member of the infamous Dingle family. Does Chas Dingle have a spouse outside of acting?

This week, when Emmerdale returns to ITV, Chas Dingle (played by Lucy Pargeter) vents her annoyance at Faith (Sally Dexter). Faith is still refusing to deal with the affects of her cancer, while Chas is stuck in a rut. Everything you need to know about the Chas actress off-screen, including her relationship status, is available on yzee.uk.

Is Lucy Pargeter married?

Since she joined the Emmerdale cast in 2002, Lucy, 45, has been in the center of the drama.

In 2019, she received a British Soap Award for Best Actress because her role in various difficult stories.

In the past, Chas has used a variety of monikers, with Livesy and Spencer as her last names.

Additionally, she had failed romances in the past with Carl King (Tom Lister) and Cameron Murray (Dominic Power).

Her most recent union was to Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt), but things did not go smoothly.

Off-screen, Lucy spent 12 years in a committed relationship with Rudi Coleano.

She did, however, declare in 2019 that she was no longer dating the father of her three kids.

Three girls were raised by the ex-couple: Lola, 16, and the twins Missy and Betsy, 5.

They released a statement at the time of their breakup announcing they were no longer dating.

According to the statement, Lucy Pargeter and her longtime partner Rudi Coleano are no longer together, but raising their three girls remains their first concern.

Despite nearly getting married in 2012, they were never married despite being long-term engaged.

While in Dubai, the pair thought about getting married there but decided they wouldn’t be able to invite all of their loved ones.

Since Lucy is not a frequent user of social media, little is known about her romantic situation at the moment.

She doesn’t appear to be married right now and is instead occupied with her kids.

After discovering she was pregnant, Lucy was removed from Emmerdale to cover her maternity leave.

She revealed to Chas that she and Paddy were having a child together as part of one of her plotlines.

They later learned that their unborn girl had a genetic condition that would prevent her from surviving outside of the womb.

Chas made the difficult decision to continue the pregnancy in the sorrowful plot so she might meet her child.

Lucy spoke candidly on how the tragic plotline made her value her own children more.

It makes you really appreciate what you have, she said, according to RSVP Live. Three lovely, healthy children are here and ready for me.

“They’re here even though they’re covered with paint and glue, sitting there. I appreciate the mess they’re making!

More difficult than any of her romantic difficulties in the show, her parenthood tales.


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