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5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

Five Proven SEO Strategies You Must Follow

5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following
5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

In the realm of SEO the changes are always just right around the corner. SEO is constantly evolving and webmasters are required to stay ahead of the curve to reach the top of result pages for search engines.

But, certain ranking signals have stood to the test of time. We’ll look at some tested and reliable ranking indicators below that were essential one year ago, now and beyond 2020: – 5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

  1. Web Speed (Mobile as well as Desktop)

Speeding up your website will not only aid your site rank in ranking on search engines, but will significantly enhance the experience of users on your site. The investment in a fast site can be profitable. – 5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

Research suggests that Amazon suffers a loss of $1.6 billion in revenues when the speed of its website is reduced by 1 second. – 5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

If you’re looking to boost the speed of your site for Google one alternative is to utilize Google’s Google Page Speed tool. This tool can determine the speed of your site for both desktop and mobile devices. This can be helpful for you to improve the speed of your site in order to cater for users on mobile devices. There are a few suggestions that the Google Page Speed tool gives: – 5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

  • Optimize Images
  • Reducing CSS and JavaScript
  • Make use of browser cache
  • Eliminate the Render-Blocking Resource Above the Fold
  • Make sure Compression is enabled

It’s vital to keep checking your website’s performance using Google’s Google Page Speed tool when optimizing your site for speed. It will show the improvements you’ve implemented and the areas you must adjust. – 5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

  1. Mobile-Friendly

In the past, when more than half of search results on Google were conducted by mobile users and the SEO world hasn’t been same. This milestone was achieved in 2015 and SEO experts aren’t stopping from talking about the mobile world. This first happened in America and then in the year 2015, it became a rule to all search engines worldwide. – 5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

A good mobile experience isn’t just good for your rankings. It can also increase conversions.

A brief checklist to check whether your site is mobile-friendly: – 5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

  • Do your customers need to zoom in order to read specific sections of your site?
  • What is the speed of your website for mobile versions?
  • Is your website responsive?
  • What content do you intend to display on your mobile site?
  • Are your call-to-actions simple to read and click?
  1. Internal Links

The use of appropriate internal links is a key factor in ranking for quite a while now. Internal links are those which point to specific pages of the same site. – 5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

Some best practices to follow when making use of internal links to rank pages better:

  • The more hyperlinks a page receives, the higher worth Google will assign to it. This is usually to evaluate the value of a specific page with other pages on the same website. For instance, a page that has 100 internal links will typically be more valuable than a page which receives 5 internal hyperlinks.
  • Pages placed in the footer or header generally have the highest worth. The header and footer appear on every page, which means these pages are an internal link that is linked to each page on the site. This makes them extremely important to Google. – 5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following
  • Reduce the depth of the page for the most relevant pages in Google. Google Webmaster John Mueller said that the depth of clicks is important in determining the ranking of the pages: Pages that are closer to the homepage will be of greater value than pages further from the homepage.

Follow these guidelines to get the most value out from your link-building strategy. If executed correctly it can dramatically boost specific pages and help them appear higher on Google. – 5 Proven Seo Techniques You Should Be Following

  1. SEO Content

Content that is great is an effective strategy for any SEO expert or webmaster. Google’s ultimate product for clients (the users) is excellent content and the ability to provide fast responses. It’s not a surprise that websites with excellent content typically have high positions.

Best methods to get the most value from the SEO strategies for content:

  • Focus on readability
  • Explore the subject more deeply that you’re writing about.
  • Incorporate rich content into the equation (videos images, photos interactivity, etc.)
  • Be sure to demonstrate your knowledge in the field you are writing about.
  • Create original content (don’t copy other content)
  1. Linkbuilding

Linkbuilding is a ranking element that has a significant impact on the performance of a site in search engines. The majority of SEO experts admit that linkbuilding is the biggest impact off-site on the rankings of a website. But which websites do you require backlinks to boost your rank?

Here’s a brief checklist to assess if your website is in the right place to increase your rank:

  • Does the website have relevance to your company?
  • How trustworthy is the site?
  • What is the age of the site?
  • In which country is the website operational?
  • How well is SEO of your website?

Check this list to determine whether the website is of high quality that you obtain the link from. One question to ask yourself: “Does this backlink generate relevant traffic to my site?” When the answer is no, your backlink is unlikely to aid in the SEO of your site.


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