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9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Your SEO

9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo
9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

It is not about publishing and writing content. It’s about sharing information and concepts with your readers. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

It’s in many ways speaking out loud, claims Andrew Sullivan, a British-born American editor, writer and blogger. He is among the first pioneers in blogging and believes that this brand new type of writing offers the chance to display the thoughts of a person on display. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

The idea of Sullivan is to take the lessons learned from your mistakes and discover what is most effective for you. However, a lot has changed since the beginning of blogging. It has provided a completely new outlook on writing. It is now an essential element of every business in terms of marketing, as it is cost-effective simple to manage and is able to connect with the market. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

Changes in trends never cease and this is the case with blogging. It’s currently an extremely profitable PR and marketing tool. The value of a blog is measured by its capacity to bring visitors to the website it’s associated with. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

The majority of people now conduct research online on any product, brand, or service prior to making a purchase. Thus blogging for SEO is a key element of your marketing strategy. Research has shown that a blog can improve your chances of appearing top on search results webpages (SERPs) by as much as 434 percent. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

You must realize that the efforts you put into blogging directly impact the SEO of your site. In fact, making the most common mistakes in your blog can hurt your SEO severely. This article will highlight typical blogging errors which are negatively impacting the SEO of your site. Learn how to avoid these errors regardless of whether you’re an expert or are a novice to search engine optimization or marketing content. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

1. Not Choosing the Right Topic

If you write without thinking about the subjects that readers are looking for most likely you won’t not be able to attract any readers in any way. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

If you’ve recently begun blogging or beginning your first blog it is essential to first be aware of your readers’ interests in order to establish an authoritative reputation that will benefit you in the long term. Know your audience and the issues they’re dealing with and then address them with the best solutions. This will help you reach out to an engaged audience and be different from the rest. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

You can also make use of Q&A platforms like Quora , to identify the best topics for your upcoming blog post.

2. The absence of Keywords

Keywords are the primary element of SEO. Making the best choice of keywords will assist you to improve your ranking on Google SERPs. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

Sometimes, when trying to discovering the most distinctive terms, the majority of bloggers come up with an extensive list of keywords that have zero search volume. This means that nobody is searching for these important phrases, and so including them is not going to help you in gaining any kind of traffic.

Additionally the use of long-tail keywords is another error committed by bloggers. Long-tail keywords are currently advantageous compared to shorter ones. They can assist you in getting get a higher rank in voice search results and also. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

3. Inconsistency

Many new bloggers start their blogs with passion and enthusiasm. They are hoping to be able to disrupt the internet quickly, and if they don’t meet their expectations or they stop writing, they either quit or do not have a consistent style. Be aware that if you want to be considered serious and make an impression ensure that you’re consistent. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

This is why it’s crucial to create an established schedule for posting to your blog and adhere to it, not only focusing on the outcomes. If you’re posting at least once per week, adhere to the schedule until it’s an established routine for you. The unreliable bloggers aren’t able to take advantage of many opportunities to engage with their followers. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

While doing this keep the high consistency of your content. Make sure it is engaging, new and thorough Also, make sure you publish regularly as quality always wins over quantity.

4. Leave No space in the text

Your readers don’t want to leave immediately after they arrive on your site. You must ensure that you don’t turn readers away by putting too much text. Utilize adequate space, an easy-to-read alignment, break paragraphs and limit yourself to four lines in a paragraph. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

The content shouldn’t just be rich , but attractive too. A blog that is well-presented will attract more readers than a wall of text. – 9 Common Blogging Mistakes Harming Seo

5. The email list is not created.

Email is the most efficient marketing tool, even more so then social media. Emails are simple to make and can bring in a lot of traffic to your website. In regards to making an email list another famous blogger John Chow says:

“The most costly blogging error was not having an email list as early as day one. Since John Chow.com was an unofficial blog with no plans to earn profits, I did not use my typical Internet marketing techniques to it. Therefore, the list wasn’t created after a year down road. If I had begun the list on day one and my list would be twice as big as it is today and my income would be two times as much. This is a blunder I would like to avoid. Get started today.”

6. Your blog is too personal

Your blog must not be lacking personality, however in the same way it should not become too private. Be aware the fact that, as a blog owner as well as a content marketer, your responsibility is to support your readers, assist them and encourage them. If you blog only with your own preferences in mind, you may give an impression of being too self-centered.

You could consider adding stories from other sources such as case studies, information from other sources as well as examples from broad variety of sources to present the information as authentic rather than overly confident. Be sure to double-check every time you write about yourself prior to posting.

7. The Blog is not edited.

A very frequent and a lot of bloggers commit is not editing or revising the blog or its content. Whatever the quality of your blog’s content your ability to edit and proofread will determine whether or not it succeeds.

Basic mistakes such as sentence structure, spelling long sentences grammar and spelling mistakes can be avoided and communicate immature and reckless behavior to viewers. Make sure to double-check for these, and make use of proficiency tools to ensure that your content is flawless. Request someone else to read it prior to posting so that you can get an objective opinion about the article.

8. Lack of Media

It’s been said before that nobody wants to sit through a mountain of text. Utilize visually appealing media like pictures, GIFs and videos into your text.

A blog with just words will not attract readers. By adding media, you will create an appealing and vibrant look and readers will be looking at your next posts with anticipation. Incorporating images into your posts will can make the content (and your company) more appealing interesting, engaging, understandable relevant and memorable.

9. You’ve Forgotten to Promote Your Blog

Don’t sit around after publishing an article. actually, the actual work begins after you have posted your article. Make sure to advertise it. Spread the word about it and also ask your family members and acquaintances to look it over and then share it with others. Even if the post is a bit old and has been receiving positive comments, share it again or keep pushing it. It’s impossible to predict when it will become popular.

Automate the publishing of blog posts or new articles to your social media accounts like Facebook or LinkedIn. This will not only assist you to increase traffic, but it will also boost your rankings in search results.


These are only some examples of errors bloggers can avoid using simple fixes. Making mistakes is normal and normal. However, making sure you take the lessons learned from each error is the most important aspect. There is a chance that you will stumble across one or two of these errors and now are well-aware of ways to avoid mistakes for the next time.


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