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Ada Nicodemou’s shock Home and Away confession: ‘Really controversial’

Ada Nicodemou recently acknowledged one aspect of filming for Home and Away that she “hates.” The actress, who has been Leah Patterson for 23 years, doesn’t like the Morgan house set very much.

The Australian actress revealed several Summer Bay behind-the-scenes details in an open Instagram Q&A, including her favorite location for shooting, how frequently she watches the program, and her thoughts on rumors that Leah was dating James Stewart’s character Justin Morgan.

Since Ada’s character Leah has worked at the Pier Diner since she first moved there in March 2000, it stands to reason that it is her favorite location for shooting.

The 45-year-old stated, “I just really like the diner because there’s tons of stuff to do, and I know it pretty well.

She then gave a “controversial” view regarding filming in the Morgan house set, where Leah and Justin are now residing, shortly after.

I detest the Morgan house because I feel like I can’t do anything in the kitchen, she gushed, “I know this is really controversial.” And I also dislike the furniture. I simply wish it were somehow more attractive.

She said, “I think it needs to be more Leah-fied.

When another viewer asked if there were plans for Leah and Justin to get married, she remained tight-lipped and flipped the question back to the fans.

“I dunno, do you want Leah and Justin to get married? What do you think? Give me your thoughts,” she said coyly.

The celebrity also admitted that because she doesn’t get to watch Home and Away as much as she would like, it occasionally puts her in an unpleasant situation. During the 7 o’clock hour of the soap opera, Ada frequently gets her 10-year-old son Johnas ready for bed.

If someone approaches me and asks me a question about a plot that I’m not involved in, I’m actually terrible. Since I don’t get to watch it as frequently as I’d like, I struggle occasionally, she said.


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