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BBC EastEnders fans ‘can’t wait’ for Peter Beale to leave but there’s another character they want gone next

Although they want someone else to replace Peter, fans of the soap opera are ready for him to leave.

As Peter Beale prepares to leave the show on Thursday, July 14, EastEnders fans are preparing for the departure of a long-running character. The Dayle Hudson-played character was removed from the show, it was revealed last month.

Some of the show’s viewers, nevertheless, are not upset that Peter is departing Albert Square. After learning that his uncle Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), who had carried out the attack, was responsible, the protagonist had fallen out with his entire family.

The latter mistakenly identified his nephew as a homophobic man he had previously met. Because of this, Peter’s mother Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) decided to shield Ben from consequences and forbade Peter from calling the police.

When the guys reunited at a party, Ben humiliated Peter and Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith) for having sex, making Peter and his younger brother Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) furious. Kathy attempted to mediate the conflict.

Following the episode, fans of the programme expressed their opinions on Peter’s exit on social media while also calling for the elimination of another character. Good riddance Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) goes in Thursday’s episode, someone said.

One of the show’s fans who responded to the message agreed, saying: “Thank god for that, bad it took so long. How useless a person he has always been.

“Great can’t stand him,” stated a third. “Thank God he was doing my head in,” a fourth person wrote.

The majority of viewers seemed to concur that the character “brings nothing to the soap,” anxiously awaiting his departure. Not everyone shared this sentiment, though; one understanding supporter remarked, “Oh I like Peter, he mixes things up a bit, from time to time.”

One supporter, nevertheless, urged Bobby Beale to do the same, declaring: “I couldn’t stand Ian, I can’t stand Bobby, and I deffo can’t stand Peter. Bobby must depart next, haha.

In an effort to stir things up, the show’s new producer Chris Clenshaw made the initial firing announcement last month. Dayle debuted on the programme in February 2020, during the 35th anniversary week of the serial opera. Ben Hardy’s portrayal of Peter was replaced by him. He is the seventh performer to play the part.

Along with Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ), Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith), Jada Lennox (Kelsey Calladine-Smith), and Lola Pearce, his exit from the programme was also made public (Danielle Harold). The news coincided with the introduction of a new family centred on Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths), his brother, and his two nephews.


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