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BBC EastEnders’ fans demand return of two characters as they could have helped show have a ‘good storyline’

The vivacious personalities, in the opinion of fans, ought to return to Albert Square

Two characters from the BBC soap opera EastEnders must return, according to the show’s fans. Iqra and Habiba Ahmed, played by Priya Davdra and Rukku Nahar, respectively, are thought by viewers to have an unfinished plot and to have left the show too soon. They should thus make a reappearance.

The on-screen sisters showed up in Albert Square in February 2019 and were presented as a related of established character Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra). However, it wasn’t long before both characters abandoned Walford, and many have subsequently taken issue with their sudden departures.

Many people have expressed their strong feelings over the decision to cancel both characters, and many have made it apparent that they are not pleased. One user said on the Digital Spy forum: “Even though I know it’s wishful thinking, I believe they deserve to be brought back. The characters’ world offered so much more to discover. Now that Habiba is the mother of Jags’ child, I’d really like to see her rejoin the Panesar family.”

One more observer concurred: “Given that she was pregnant, Habiba was undoubtedly strange. She ought to have exerted every effort to make Suki’s life miserable. Although it was done fully off-screen for Habiba and Iqra was soon left alone, it was actually a fantastic narrative for both characters to finally have something.”

When Habiba started dating Jags Panesar, who was portrayed by Amar Adatia, that is the part of her story that audiences remember the most. Sadly, when Jags was unjustly imprisoned, their relationship fell apart, leaving Habiba inconsolable. In October 2020, she finally made the decision to leave the square.

Fans of the soap opera eventually learned that she was carrying Jags’ child, who was born in the summer of 2021, away from Walford. As it was Suki’s decision to have her son put to prison, some fans believe that Habiba should make a comeback to make life more difficult for the Panesar family.

Iqra, on the other hand, departed Walford in January 2022 to live with her sister and her son. Actress Priya posted pictures of herself smiling on set with the caption, “And that’s a wrap on 3 years with @bbceastenders,” at the time of her departure. “It has truly been a delight. Iq’s will miss you when you go! Onto the tone, let’s go!”


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