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BBC EastEnders fans spot very cute similarity between Ben Mitchell and daughter Lexi as they both do the same thing

Dance is a talent that Ben and Lexi both have.

Fans of EastEnders have noted a very endearing resemblance between Ben Mitchell and Lexi. Years apart, the pair had both used the identical approach.

The delightful resemblance was identified by Twitter user “Ballum4Life.” Parallel sequences with Ben and Lexi imagining they failed their tap dance examinations is what they wrote.

In the post, they included images of a young Ben and his daughter imitating his old move. They are “simply the cutest,” said admirers.

Ben is still well-remembered as the young kid who would dance to Girls Aloud and Lady Gaga, even if his scenes now tend to focus on his battles with drug addiction. And Lexi, his daughter, has adopted it as a trait.

Fans adored the adorable scene despite the fact that he arrived late for her dancing exam and made her cry. Before admitting she had passed her tap exam, Lexi first claimed she had failed.

It’s the same trick that Ben used to pull when he was much younger and taking dancing tests. The main change is that the unstable father left Lexi’s exam and started using drugs once more, eventually collapsing in the street.

On Twitter, followers said: “They are just the cutest, awww. Really hope Ben can remain sober for Lexi,” another remarked, adding: “That’s really good, I adore a parallel.”

It’s really lovely that he provides her the support he never received, another person added.

One responded, “My favourite parent/child duo,” while many others commented on how “sweet” they are.


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