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BBC EastEnders fans want a character to return to ‘look after his baby’ as they accuse show of ‘doing him dirty’

Fans are upset with how his role was handled.

Keanu Taylor should come back to the Square, according to EastEnders fans. When he departed Walford in 2020, Karen Taylor’s kid was last observed.

Keanu, who is portrayed by Danny Walters, was originally introduced to the programme in 2017. It was commonplace for Keanu’s family to have their electricity cut off and to have doorbell visits from debt collectors.

He relocated to Albert Square with their mother, half-sister Bernadette, and him. Keanu struggles to find employment, and after serving as a nude model for an art class and an escort, Phil Mitchell draws him into crime.

Keanu was ejected from Walford by a distraught Sharon after becoming the father of Peggy and Albie and getting both Louise Mitchell and Sharon pregnant. Fans are now, however, pleading for his return.

What Taylor-Baker family members would you like to see added or return?, a fan said on a Digital Spy forum. Fans instantly responded, saying how much they missed Keanu.

One person stated, “I’d love Keegan back, but I feel that Finlay is going to wind up replacing him. It’s unfortunate because I believe the two of them would get along great.

“Keanu should return when Albie is a little older, in my opinion. By then, Louise will probably have returned with Peggy (preferably under a new name! ), and since Keanu was never a nasty person, I’d like to see him try to be a dad to his kids.

Another person added, “I liked Keanu and Keegan,” while a supporter remarked, “Keanu certainly. They mistreated him. Now that Sharon is unmarried, he has the option of seeing his child or being with her.

Another supporter said, “Keanu needs to come back. He has a lot to come back for, but needs Keegan’s confidence to have any kind of long-lasting impact. Personally, I don’t miss Keegan. He was a good performer, but I thought the writing for him was occasionally immature and a little out of date. Since Bernie is now doing very little and has little chance of developing an intriguing plot, she feels like a waste of time.

Keanu revealed to his mother in the show’s last scene that Martin Fowler helped him escape the Square rather than executing him as ordered by Ben Mitchell. Keanu said in his farewell moment, “I promise you this, one day they will all receive what’s coming to them, but, until then, I need to leave.

“Things may change in the future, but for the time being, this is exactly how they must be. Never imagine that you disappointed me. You’ve always supported me, through good times and bad… The ideal mother is you. I really mean it.


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