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BBC EastEnders star Danny Dyer quit EastEnders ‘fearing he would die’ amid drug binges

Danny Dyer has revealed that after having problems with his wife Joanne Mas, he was forced to leave EastEnders out of fear that he would pass away.

Dyer joined the popular BBC soap opera in 2013 as Mick Carter, the landlord of the Queen Vic, and he made the decision to leave the show at the beginning of this year.

The 45-year-old has since admitted that he had to stop shooting after “losing the plot.”

On his brand-new podcast, Greatest Night Ever, Jaime Winstone said: “I turned to the EastEnders executives and said, Listen, I’ve got to go somewhere. I’ll soon pass away.

They responded, “Oh, OK. Right, yeah. I took care of it myself and made the payment myself.”

Regarding his issues with fame, he went on to say: “Fame never suited me. I was fing going to take the wrong turn no matter what. As a result, I was a fing lunatic for many years.

“I started to resemble a cartoon character. Don’t get me wrong, I made it myself […] I became entangled in it, and I actually kind of forgot who I was.

I was abusing drugs in huge quantities. I was trying to find something. There was a gaping hole inside of me that I couldn’t figure out.

Door left open for Danny Dyer to return to Eastenders

He said, when asked about the departure of his character, “Mick’s exit is going to be a very, very powerful thing. I wish the door could stay open, and from what I can tell, it is.

So, who knows, I might return with my tail between my legs and ask, “Will you take me back?” if I attempt something and fail miserably.

He reportedly expressed his love to “everyone at EastEnders.”

BBC issues statement as Danny Dyer quits Eastenders
After his news of his departure broke earlier this year, a statement from show bosses said: “Danny will be leaving EastEnders when his contract comes to an end later this year.

“Danny has made Mick Carter an iconic character, which we shall always be grateful for; however we won’t be saying goodbye just yet as there’s still quite some time – and plenty of explosive drama for Mick – to come before he departs Walford.”


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