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Blog Commenting Services Effective

Can Blog Commenting services be considered effective in SEO, Rankings and Search Engine Optimization?

Blog Commenting Services Effective
Blog Commenting Services Effective

Commenting on blogs has been an SEO technique since the very first time someone posted comments on their website at all. Mechanically, it’s quite simple in its concept. Blog comments are the content of the page. The content on a webpage is indexable by Google. If a hyperlink is present located on a page, the link is included in Google’s assessment of SEO. So, you may make a blog post that includes your link, and have the link indexed by Google and thus count as an SEO advantage. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

This was the concept that was in place long ago and it worked until Google determined that it was a bit exploitative. Since then, several factors have been put in place to make it less of a viable approach than it used to be. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

The Risk and Rewards of Commenting on Blogs

I’ve previously explained the ways that blog comments can be beneficial to a site in theoretical terms. So , what’s the biggest obstacle in your way of using this technique in the present? – Blog Commenting Services Effective

In the beginning, as like any other SEO strategy, blog commenting has been used to death and back over the past decade. When people realized that blogging could be effective, numerous tools were created to automate the process. These tools would provide large-scale blog comments, create links on a large scale and increase the rank for these websites. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

Google was aware and webmasters’ blogs became the focus of the comments. It’s easy to spot the moment a comment such as this appears. How often do you post a blog post and see a comment like “Hey thanks for writing this, now please check out www.my-unrelated-website-here.com/buy-my-service”? – Blog Commenting Services Effective

A number of elements were gathered to solve this issue. In the beginning, Google began giving a much lower importance to web-based comments. This, along with any other format used for “user-generated content” has been deemed less valuable. Content created by users may still be valuable, however links to content that are created by users are not given the same importance generally. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

The current “less” priority is no longer “no” priority so the comments in your comments are still considered to be relevant after this change. There are however two other obstacles to overcome. The first is the fact that many blogs currently have anti-spam features that are in place, such as Akismet specifically for WordPress blogs. The majority of these systems use crowdsourced comment analysis, meaning that when Akismet or a different central company notices that the same comments (or the same link that has spinned comments) appear on a variety of blogs, it’s simple to classify the comments as spam, and then filter it out. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

Even if spam filters fail to find the comment, you’ll need to deal with nofollow. Many blogs today that allow comments, but some do not – make sure to mark every link in the comment as nofollow by default. Nofollowed links, as we are aware, don’t transfer any link juice, and therefore are useless for SEO on a technical level. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

You can possibly gain something from a blog’s comment link even on a nofollow website. When the writer – or any of their readers sees your comment and clicks on your link, this is a new user you could leverage. But, perhaps they think you’re not spamming and may connect to you organically at some point in the near future. It’s also possible that a mere mention, without a link could be of some use too.

As a result, it is a sub-par spin-off of commenting, this isn’t reliable, it is dependent on bulk posting, as well as can be generally less efficient as other methods of outreach via links, such as guest blogging.

What services for commenting on blogs?

This is where the blog commenting services can be found. Numerous such services came up in the same period that the tools were released, several years ago, as attempts to capitalize on the mass popularity of blog comments as an opportunity to earn money. In reality most of these services employ the same tools to complete their goals. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

A blog commenting service typically will give you assurances regarding what is the minimal PageRank, Domain Authority, and other indicators of the websites they are targeting. They’ll often mention the fact that their targets are all dofollow blogs and also how you won’t be considered spam, as well as other things else. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

Essentially, these companies have lists of websites where they can make comments and make those comments beneficial to the sites they want to promote. What characteristics should the site that you leave a comment on

  • It must be a blog that is active and has some authority in the relevant niche.
  • It must have a excellent PageRank, Domain Authority, and other relevant metrics.
  • The rules should be followed to provide the link with the real SEO benefit. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

If you’re using blogging comments manually, I’d suggest adding some additional attributes However, we’re talking about hiring a service to take care of the task for you.

In essence, the blog commenting service is a way to outsource the task of blogging to SEO by employing their own resources rather than requiring you to construct the lists yourself of websites and so on. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

In spite of all this it is still the case that there are hundreds, if perhaps dozens of websites that sell commenting on blogs. It could be anything is available from DropMyLink or BulkComments up to Gescis as well as SubmitShop. This is not a link to one of the sites I’ve discovered, as I don’t want you believe that I endorse one of these. No, I’m not. I’ll explain to you the reason. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

What is the Dark Side of Blog Commenting Services

There are three categories of websites that provide blog commenting services generally use.

  1. Blogs running mutual commenting systems like CommentLuv.
  2. Blogs with no anti-spam protection are frequently abused.
  3. Blogs that are part of a private network that is owned by comment seller themselves.

The first one is authentic blogs however it’s not often to find an excellent blog that runs with a bare SEO boosting plugin such as CommentLuv. This is one of the borderline gray-hat methods that the top sites avoid however it is used by a few less-than-perfect but worthwhile websites. These comments can be beneficial for your site, although rarely on a huge size. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

The second type of website is the one you should not appear on because you’re with just one more post in an avalanche of spam comments. The users of this site – and also the site’s owners are not likely to be interested in or read their blog’s comments in any way. It could be of only a small amount of benefit to the user however the chances are that Google has significantly devalued these links, which means you’ll require a large number of them for any real positive effects even. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

The third type of website is the one that undermines the whole idea. They have no significance and are merely centers for many products they offer. It is common to purchase guest posts and get them published on the same networks, like. PBNs are effective for a time, however Google is always looking for them and has been known to remove them under these service providers. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

Additionally take a look at what these service providers are boasting about. Sites with high-PR? PageRank hasn’t been a reliable measure in the past, at least in particular since Google discontinued updating it on the public toolbars. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

Another method is to make use of measures like PR and DA. The site WordPress.com is a site with an extremely high DA because it’s an authority site and known as a popular site. These sites can offer users high DA links on WordPress.com. Yes, but they’re blog posts from users who are not on WordPress.com that have no metrics at all. They’re being deceptive. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

thoughts from the Hive Mind

The majority of marketers, as I’ve observed is that commenting on blogs is a good option to aid SEO however, not very well. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

Ahrefs conducted an study which showed that comments on blogs can give your website an extra boost, but was not likely to provide something worth talking about. However, most all the hyperlinks you purchase will end up on websites that are either spammy or ineffective if not blocked outright.

Matthew Davison did his own test and demonstrated that commenting on blogs can get you to the mid-20s of Google search results for non-very competitive keywords. But what does that do? You’re to page 3 of Google which only a tiny fraction of visitors ever view even a single click. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

Matthew Woodward also did an experiment and demonstrated a minor advantages in the same way as the other experiments, however I’m always skeptical of his research. He’s a well-known gray/black marketer who has a stake in selling affiliate links to the products that he evaluates. He’s generally reliable as it’s clear what you’re dealing with at a minimum. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

How to Use Blogs More Effectively Commenting

Instead of using blog comments to share your link and gain some SEO benefits, I believe you’re better off using blog commenting to increase your possibility.

With blog comments whether manually or through services that you pay for, you’re usually sprinkling your blog’s link to get tiny results. This could cost you money, or it could take you a while however there’s a cost that comes with it. – Blog Commenting Services Effective

I’ll give you an alternative that doesn’t cost money however, it will cost you time and doesn’t carry at risk to earn the reputation of being a spammer.

Here’s the plan: blog comment for recognition and influence.

Choose the best blogs within your field You should completely avoid any notion of linking. It does not matter if the blog uses nofollow links and it doesn’t matter whether they’re filtering spam. You’re not looking for the automated SEO. We’re here for people.

Read these blogs and their posts. If a new article is released take a moment to think about it and think of something you’d like to discuss. Leave an insightful, conversation-starting comment on the post.

The goal is to stimulate discussion. Let other readers – and even the blogger themselves to engage in discussion on the blog’s comments. Blog writers are awestruck by these types of comments because they provide an increase in the amount of content that they don’t have to pay for to write. Since you’re not trying sell an advertisement, they won’t think that you’ve got any ulterior motives.

If your site is using something similar to Disqus and Gravatar it is possible to create the same profile across both including a link as well as an image of your profile that is carried across the sites from one to another. This is a good thing and isn’t spam since you’re using it to be a recognizable sign of your identity, not to send out spam messages.

After you’ve established some credibility on these websites Once you’ve established some recognition, you can begin with a few links. Never drop a homepage link. Instead, search for occasions to leave a comment on a post that is new. The most important thing is to connect to a article on your website with a similar subject and think of ways to connect the two posts. If you’re especially clever, you could create a double-speed revision or expansion of the article to the original post article you’re commenting about, and add a link to the comments section to discuss.

You can not only get an ounce of link value from all of this, but if you’re clever as well, you’ll also be a known person and a an integral part of blogger’s communities. This could lead to an increase in engagement on social networks as they will be able to recognize you due to the uniform profile image and are more likely to retweet your blog posts, or even follow your blog.

It is also possible to turn this conversation into offering to guest blog for them, or even invite them to post a guest blog on your website. As long as you demonstrate that your content is of merit, you could earn more links from their website. Yes, it will take longer however the value is so much greater that there’s an undisputed fact in my book.

We’re fast moving out of the age of SEO that relies on links and mechanical methods and are moving ever deeper into the realm of influencers.

Did your comments help your SEO or ranking? Tell us about it via the comment section below!


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