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10 major Home and Away spoilers for the upcoming episode

What is coming up in Summer Bay?

On the upcoming episode of Home and Away, Naomi surprises Nikau by kissing him.

The truth about Tex is revealed in other places, and as new band Lyrik settles into the Bay, there are some conflicts.

The whole list of 10 significant events is provided here.

Kirby confronts Bob in 1.

A performance by her friends, the four-piece band Lyrik, will take place at Salt as part of a restaurant relaunch that Felicity has organized. Mac first has doubts about the concept, but she quickly adopts it after putting up advertising posters all throughout Summer Bay.

Bob, one of the band members, is horrified at the prospect of performing for free in a little coastal town, which irritates the other members. When it comes to voting, Bob’s girlfriend Kirby makes the final decision, siding with the other members rather than him.

2.Cash and Eden’s history is revealed

Lyrik’s performance at Salt is a big success, but when Cash shows up to take in the music, he is uneasy to learn who the band is. Cash’s evasive actions perplex Dean.

Everything is made plain when band member Eden spots Cash in the audience and dashes off the stage to say hello while encircling him with her legs. Cash is ashamed as he muses on Jasmine’s reaction to this.

Felicity is perplexed by Cash’s demeanor, but talking to Eden helps her understand. Eden acknowledges having sex with Cash in the past. Felicity is enraged because she could have hurt Cash’s feelings for Eden and she is aware that they were intense.

3.Dean warns Remi to stay away from him

Ziggy likes the music at Salt as well, but Dean doesn’t like it when she draws Remi’s attention, the main guitarist. Dean becomes irritated when Remi exits the stage to give Ziggy a guitar solo.

Remi is ordered to leave Ziggy alone by Dean, who introduces himself as her boyfriend and pulls him to one side.

4.Tex’s secret plan is made clear

As they come home from a vacation to the city, Tex and Rose are in love. Considering that Rose still obviously has strong feelings for Cash, Xander is worried that their relationship with Tex is developing too soon.

Tex sneaks into the gym and grabs a photo of Mia and Ari, so Xander has good reason to be concerned. Tex then goes to see several bikers, who welcome him with a friendly greeting.

Tex is praised for finding the individual who stole money from the gang as he hands over the photo of Mia and Ari.

5.Ziggy is informed of excellent news

Since Justin has been suspended, Ziggy has been informed that she can oversee Theo’s apprenticeship. Ziggy is concerned about her ability to manage the responsibility and Theo’s level of dedication to the apprenticeship.

As Ziggy formally assumes Justin’s responsibilities, Theo is impressed by his apparent dedication to his studies.

6.Nikau declines to attend the award presentation

John and Naomi dress up to show support for Nikau the day he is to earn a bravery medal. Nikau cancels his appearance at the last minute out of concern that his speech will make John and the surf club seem bad.

7.Nikau rejects Naomi

After the tension surrounding the awards event, Naomi makes a point of telling Nikau how great he is in an effort to cheer him up. Nikau is then startled when Naomi kisses him in the heat of the moment.

Nikau tries to clear the air by assuring Naomi that he is still seeing Bella, who is now in New York.

Asserting that their own connection could be something great if Nikau gave up waiting for his girlfriend’s return, Naomi criticizes Nikau’s long-distance relationship with Bella.

8.Chloe feels overpowered

Tex is watching Chloe from a distance, but she is ignorant of the potential threat. Through his investigation, Tex learns that Chloe is Ari’s stepdaughter.

This is related to Chloe working two jobs at the Diner and overexerting herself there. When Chloe unintentionally skips a shift at the Diner, things reach a breaking point since she hardly gets any food or rest.

9. Chloe gets fired

Irene and Leah decide to terminate Chloe since she won’t pick between the two jobs they are offering her. Irene and Leah feel they are being “tough love” when they tell Chloe to use her newfound free time to pursue her dreams of becoming a successful businesswoman.

Irene and Leah convince Chloe that taking a full-time job at the gym will be a terrific opportunity for her, and she is subsequently relieved.

10. Tane receives a threat

When Tane discovers the missing picture of Mia and Ari on his car, he is perplexed.

A threatening message is currently taped over the image and reads: “Our cash was stolen by your brother. We need it returned “. Tane worries as it becomes apparent that the Parata family is in for new trouble.


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