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EastEnders’ Suki Panesar fights for her life in shocking attack scenes

Suki Panesar battled Ranveer Gulati for her life in a terrifying two-part episode of EastEnders.

On Tuesday, August 9, two episodes of the soap opera were shown, with the main focus being on Suki’s financial difficulties, which put her and Ranveer in grave risk.

Kheerat had to prevent Phil Mitchell from attacking Suki in the Vic once he learned that she had left Ben Mitchell for dead, thus she was up against adversaries on all sides.

Suki had previously tricked Sharon Watts into lending her money for the Minute Mart lease, but after learning what had happened with Ben, Sharon withdrew her offer.

Suki consented to meet with Ranveer since she had no other options. Suki wanted him to sign a document giving her authority over his firm in Mumbai as he attempted to make sexual attempts once more.

Suki remarked, “I go to bed with you, you sign the contract,” and he answered, “Yeah.”

Suki then turned the tables by saying she had secretly recorded their entire chat with a camera.

She informed him, “I’ve acquired all the documentation I need.” “Ranveer, you’re being recorded. I kept track of everything.”

Ranveer then became aggressive, locking the door and stating he wasn’t “going anywhere.” Eve had just met Ranveer’s son Ravi at the pub while Ranveer was attempting to impose himself on Suki.

Eve directed Ravi to the Panesar residence when he asked where his father may be. Suki was battling for her life in the meantime. Ranveer attacked her as she attempted to leave Kheerat a voicemail in a desperate attempt.

As the episode came to an end, Suki frantically struck Ranveer in the head with something, making her fear she had accidentally killed him. The plot develops over the course of the week as Ravi plays a startlingly significant part in denying Ranveer’s death.


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