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EastEnders viewers left confused as Jack Branning’s daughter Amy Mitchell has ‘new head’

Since the character’s introduction 14 years ago, there has been a fifth casting.

Since 2014, actress Abbie Burke has played Amy Mitchell, the daughter of Roxy (played by Rita Simons) and Jack Branning (Scott Maslen). Amy arrived in Walford after her parents’ one-night encounter caused a lot of controversy on how she was conceived.

Additionally, Jack was wed to Ronnie, the sister of Roxy, and the couple had a son together named Matthew who sadly passed away. Amy is a strong young woman with the brawn of a Branning and the brains of a Mitchell.

But during Tuesday’s (August 9) episode of EastEnders, Amy Mitchell seemed to be played by someone entirely different, leaving viewers perplexed. Amy is now played by actress Ellie Dadd, who will make her debut appearance in the square tonight as she develops feelings for Denzel.

Since the character’s debut in 2008, five different actresses have played Amy. Twins Amy was first portrayed by Natalia and Kamil Lipka-Kozanka from 2008 until 2009. Then, starting in 2010, Amelie Conway was in charge until Abbie Burke took over four years later.

A new coming-of-age story for the teenager will be introduced at the same time as the new casting. Ellie Dadd, an actress, is perhaps best known for playing Cat Shaw in Silent Witness. The shift in the actress is meant to depict Amy’s maturation as she develops into a young woman confronting new struggles.

Fans of the BBC One serial vented their amazement over Amy’s recast on Twitter, with one writing: “AMY????? Who is Amy Mitchell? NOT AT ALL AMY FROM #EastEnders “.

“Amy Mitchell Branning has a new head,” the second said. “Amy Mitchell has been recast I see #EastEnders,” tweeted a third.

“Has the EastEnders actress who plays Amy undergone a change? That’s actually kind of sad “praise from one viewer.

“Why did they alter Amy? They must have thought we wouldn’t notice! #EastEnders “, another person enquired.


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