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Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt heartbroken as police make worrying Max discovery

Max Turner, a troubled youngster on Coronation Street, has recently tried to turn a new leaf. However, according to Coronation Street spoilers, Max might be returning to his previous mischievous behavior.

Viewers of Coronation Street have seen David Platt’s (Jack P. Shephard) adoptive son Max (Paddy Beaver) cause mayhem for Weatherfield residents, which led to his expulsion from school, over the past few months. In spite of his efforts to alter his behavior, fans will begin to believe Max is somehow connected to an anonymous internet troll in upcoming episodes.

Max was permanently expelled from his school at the end of last year due to fabricated claims made against his teacher Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

Max jumped to conclusions and charged Daniel with inappropriate behavior after observing Daniel spend time with Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) outside of school to assist with her Oxford application.

The teenager was expelled permanently for making a public display at the Snow Ball during which he expressed his opinions about Daniel and Summer and later punched his teacher.

Since then, Max has been attending the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) and has been attempting to turn a new leaf; however, Max is being bullied by other students, which his parents are unaware of.

Viewers will see the teenager interview his new friend from Iraq for a school project in the episodes that will air the following week.

Max’s positive review has David and Shona (Julia Goulding) eager to get him back into Weatherfield High, but they are let down when Mrs. Crawshaw informs them that there is no room.

The young man learns that he’ll soon be starting at his old school and, devastated that he can’t go back, accuses Daryan of taking his place.

Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon), who is witnessing this, is uneasy after reading negative comments about her rehoming refugees in an online article.

An anonymous online troll’s comment reveals Maria’s palace of artwork that she showed David and Shona.

David asks his son to use his laptop when he gets home, but when Max declines, David becomes worried about what he might be hiding.

David confesses to Shona that he believes their son may be the person behind it in retaliation for Daryan enrolling at Weatherfield High School despite the fact that their home address hasn’t yet been made public online.

Max confronts him and immediately denies any involvement in the online bullying. Later, Max blames David for having Max questioned by the police.

Although David, who is still unconvinced, tells Shona that they’ll wait to see what the police find on Max’s laptop, tensions in the home rise as the teen argues with his father over his lack of faith in him.

However, the police tell David that they’re on their way to speak with everyone when he gets a call from them.

According to a theory put forth by yzee.uk, Max has reverted to his old ways and is once again wreaking havoc on the neighborhood as a result of the on-going torment he has been subjected to.

Could David and Shona soon receive word from the police that their son has been identified as the anonymous online troll? What would that imply for his prospects of returning to school?

Actor Jack P. Shepherd joked that his son in the ITV is similar to how his character David used to be when he spoke to Inside Soap earlier this year.

I guess Max is receiving the storylines that I used to receive as a child, and I’m now sort of acting out Gail’s storylines, he said.

But given that Gail is one of the most well-liked characters on the entire show, what an incredible accomplishment it is to be playing her.

“It’s great that she’s second in terms of overall episode counts, just behind Bill Roache [who portrays Ken Barlow, Coronation Street’s longest-serving resident]. Therefore, I consider it a great honor to be compared to Gail.


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