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Emmerdale spoilers: Laurel is horrified by Nicola’s vengeful actions

Although Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) is seeking retribution for the attack that left her a cowering wreck and suffering from PTSD, she will only degenerate to the level of her attackers in Emmerdale if she takes matters into her own hands.

After selling Naomi (Karene Peter) to the police and growing impatient with their inaction, Nicola decides to fulfill her promise to kill Charles (Kevin Mathurin) for failing to denounce his daughter’s actions. She files a falsehood complaint with the bishop and then stands back to observe the harm being done.

Charles, who is mortified that someone has made up a negative comment about him, has a strong suspicion that it was Nicola. But in order to be fair, he cautions Naomi, who is eager to exact revenge on the café owner for her father, not to do so.

Charles soon comes face to face with Nicola and challenges her about her behavior, but Nicola prevails in the argument and her smirk returns.

Charles’ situation is made worse when the Bishop believes Nicola’s terrible lies about him abusing his position as vicar and believes them wholeheartedly. She has made progress toward her objective of driving him out of the community and destroying his reputation.

But if anyone can wipe that smirk off her face, it’s her best friend Laurel. Nicola had assumed that Laurel would be sympathetic and understanding, but she had not bargained on her being horrified at her for her heinous deeds. Laurel reprimands Nicola for possibly costing the village their excellent vicar, which causes Nicola to be shocked and self-admiring.

This time, has she gone too far?

Will Nicola continue to treat Charles like a bug, or not?


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