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Coronation Street fans overjoyed as ‘brilliant’ new character joins ITV soap

Viewers of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street were delighted to welcome the newest member as Dee-Dee Bailey arrived to preserve brother James’ football career.

The introduction of a brand-new character to Cobbles on tonight’s episode delighted Coronation Street viewers.

Dee-Dee Bailey, the sister of James Bailey, was spotted making a dramatic entrance into the well-known street in an effort to help her brother out of his football troubles.

In recent scenes of the ITV soap opera, the Weatherfield football star learned that he had cardiomyopathy, a potentially fatal heart condition that put a stop to his playing career and landed him in the hospital.

Dee-Dee Bailey, who was last believed to be residing in Belgium, surprises the Bailey family by traveling to the cobbles from America.

Social media users who were overjoyed posted the following: “Yaay great new fun character in the street James sister.”

“Just the breath of fresh air the Bailey family needs,” a second said.

Another wrote, “I do like it when a new character makes me smile, #Corrie.”
Another added, “I’m already in love with Dee Dee. Brilliant!”

As James’ solicitor sister, actress Channique Sterling-Brown will be playing a new role.

After leaving her bag with her valuables in the back of her cab, Dee-Dee arrived in dramatic fashion.

She met Shona, who in some hilarious scenes assisted her in calling the cab company to locate her bag.

The new character is seen reading a letter from Weatherfield County to her brother offering him a meager final reward.

Dee-Dee decides to take care of everything for him.

She calls the club, identifies herself as a lawyer, requests a meeting, and fights for a better offer for her brother.

However, James won’t be the only resident Dee-Dee might assist the following week.

After reconnecting with former homeless man Stu Carpenter and agreeing to take on his case in upcoming scenes, the new character is wasting no time in diving into some dramatic storylines.

The Speed Daal chef has fought tooth and nail to show that the investigation was flawed and that he was forced to take the blame despite being innocent of the murder of his former lover Charlie.

Dee-Dee suggests that they speak to Bridget and review her mother’s statement as well as pointing out any gaps in the police investigation.

Bridget and her mother Lucy are soon interrogated, and Dee-Dee reveals she has located the address of Lennox, the officer who handled Stu’s case initially.


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