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Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ dark Joseph Brown twist for Gemma Winter

Many Weatherfield residents are being impacted by Coronation Street’s hard-hitting motor neurone disease storyline, and things are about to get harder for them all.
As Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) struggles with the tragic events taking place in her family, fans of Coronation Street believe they’ve “worked out” what lies ahead for her.

Recently, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), Gemma’s twin brother, received the heartbreaking diagnosis that he has motor neurone disease (MND).

Gemma has had difficulty processing the news, much like the rest of the family, and she appears to be projecting her anxieties onto her stepson, Joseph Brown (William Flanagan).

She was terrified of the schoolboy and believed he was dangerously ill, according to Friday’s ITV soap opera episode.

She disobeyed her husband Chesney Brown’s (Sam Aston) orders and kept him home from school once more before hurriedly taking him to the emergency room.

Gemma received the devastating news that Paul may only have six to twelve months to live while she was waiting at the hospital.

Heartbroken, Gemma returned her focus to Joseph, who seemed to be in excellent health, but she was still convinced there was a problem.

After the episode, a number of fans speculated that Gemma might be going down a Munchausen by Proxy plot.

Under this condition, caregivers attempt to persuade medical professionals that a child or individual under their care is gravely ill.

Many on X, the former Twitter, speculated that Gemma might be getting the illness.

Tweeted by @deanobeanos: “Gemma with her Munchausen by proxy #Corrie.”

“Munchausen by proxy #Corrie,” tweeted @ThelordgMessiah, and this is a Munchausen’s By Proxy story, wrote @FillsWhales. Get #Corrie.

Is Gemma turning into a stand-in for Munchausen? #Corrie,” inquired @bridie_gray.

@Baker_BCFC commented: “Clearly Gemma isn’t coping at all. #Corrie.”

@RyanTheSoapking suggested: “I think Gemma is using this situation with Joseph as a distraction to forget the fact that Paul doesn’t have long left to live,” along with sad face emojis.

If Gemma insists on forcing Joseph to take medical tests and lets him miss school, could she be unintentionally endangering him?

Upon Chesney’s arrival at the hospital, a nurse escorted him to a private room where she informed him that Gemma needed to stop wasting hospital time and that her actions might be affecting Joseph.


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