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Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ Stephen’s downfall after murdering Leo

On Monday night, Leo Thompkins was killed by Stephen Reid after being confronted about his lies on Coronation Street. Although he was able to conceal the body, fans have pointed out that he made a mistake that could have led to his exposure.

ITV viewers watched in horror on Monday night as Stephen Reid threw Leo (played by Joe Frost) over the edge of a two-story building (Todd Boyce). Coronation Street viewers have noticed a piece of evidence Stephen missed when disposing of the body, but residents are still in the dark about the murder.

Fans of the ITV soap opera have followed Leo’s quest to prove Stephen’s family lies over the past few weeks.

Leo had the proof to confront him after finally learning about his scheme while listening to a conversation with his former partner Gabrielle.

Stephen was furious and slammed Leo’s head against a metal pole before tossing him off a balcony and into a bin below, threatening to tell his family and then call the police.

Leo’s body was left in the trash bin by Stephen, who didn’t mean to kill him, while he went to lunch at the Bistro. He came back later that night to remove the body.

However, since viewers have discovered a significant piece of evidence Stephen has missed, his plan to hide his tracks may not work out as expected.

After factory CCTV was mentioned, some fans appear to believe the Canadian businessman will be exposed.

Viewers are convinced that the murder has been recorded even though it is unclear whether or not there was a camera present when the killing occurred.

KJ tweeted, “We already know there is CCTV #corrie,” in response to another user’s thought.

What about CCTV #Stephen, asked Lyndsy Fitzpatrick? @itvcorrie #Corrie I wonder if anything from Leo will turn up in the Underworld van.

Don’t forget the #CCTV that #Carla & the #Police mentioned earlier, Stephen, said Krissyboi. #Corrie

Isn’t Carla’s CCTV going to capture everything?, tweeted Twitter user Sparticus2906.

JB then inquires, “What about the CCTV?”

Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny Connor, Leo’s love interest, made an appearance on Lorraine on Tuesday morning to discuss the current plot.

After the recent passing of her ex-husband Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley), who passed away last year after saving her life, the Coronation Street actress made the joke that her character is bad luck in relationships.

She referred to Jenny as a Black Widow and described the scenes of Leo’s death as dramatic, saying, “You can look forward to that in Wednesday night’s episode; the first scene is quite shocking and brilliant.”

Unaware that Leo had passed away, Lorraine questioned Jenny’s partner’s whereabouts in the soap opera when she couldn’t find him.

Jenny recently had her farewell dinner at The Bistro, so tomorrow she will wake up with her bags packed, Sally continued.

She’s moving abroad and believes he’s just inebriated on his friend’s sofa, so she’s frantically searching for him.

Then, as the day goes on, it becomes obvious that he is no longer there.


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