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Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ Stephen’s evil Audrey murder plot

Fans of CORONATION STREET think Audrey Roberts might be the target of a murderous plot hatched by her struggling son Stephen Reid.

Viewers of the ITV soap opera think Audrey Roberts (played by Sue Nicholls) could now be murdered by her own son if she hadn’t already experienced enough recently. Fans of Coronation Street think they have uncovered Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) bizarre scheme after a lot of shady activity.

Conman Stephen learned in Wednesday’s episode that his mother would no longer be setting up a trust fund for her loved ones, preferring to use a standard will instead.

He was depending on gaining control of that fund to keep himself afloat as he struggles with hidden financial problems.

When he informed Audrey that he did not want to be included in any will and that he did not require any financial assistance, his plan seemed to go awry.

Stephen’s strange purchase of a new suit from the charity store added to the impression that he was up to something strange.

When fans realized that Imran (Charlie de Melo), who died in a car accident, was the previous owner of the suit, this feeling among viewers grew.

Many people started to piece together Stephen’s strategy right away, thinking he was planning to murder Audrey and make it appear like an accident.

Stephen was the subject of many conspiracy theories on Twitter, and Beardy Bill posted: “Stephen buying a burner suit before he kills Audrey.”

“Stephen the snake is going to poison Aud and make it appear as though she’s taken another overdose,” Amie continued.

Michelle concurred “Before Audrey can draft a new will, Stephen is going to kill her! Make it appear like a second overdose. B*d!”

But since he won’t be included in her will, he should move quickly before she drafts it, Erin continued.

On Wednesday’s episode, Stephen was seen acting out in a fit of rage, throwing trash cans and swinging at anything he could find in the brewery’s back.

Fans are hoping that David Platt, Audrey’s grandson (Jack P Shepherd), will discover Stephen’s scheme and intervene before it’s too late.

I really hope David finds him before that can happen and gives him a good hiding for being such a wimp, wrote Coronation Street fan Louise in a tweet.

Viewers will be hoping Audrey’s time on the cobbles is not sealed in the most evil way imaginable because she has had a turbulent time.

In some of the ITV soap’s most heartbreaking scenes, Audrey attempted suicide due to mental health issues.

But during lunch, she confided in her friends, and they vowed to make sure she never again felt alone.

Sue Nicholls, an actress, has previously discussed Audrey’s plot and expressed hope that it will encourage older people to be more open.

The importance of being able to talk to people you trust about how you feel, she said, is the message she wants readers to take away from this plot.

“The younger generation may occasionally believe that anyone over the age of 70 is incapable of making decisions, which can cause older people to lose their sense of purpose and feel quite useless.”


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