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Coronation Street plans upsetting bullying scenes for Max …

In Coronation Street, Max’s bullying issue isn’t going away on its own, and things are about to get worse for him in scenes that will air on the ITV soap next week.

When David does not show up, Max is left to deal with bullies Blake and Chris who once more target him after Max makes it clear to David that he prefers to be picked up from school rather than take the bus.

In order to further humiliate Max, the two boys steal his lunch, soak him in water, and take his phone. They also record the entire ordeal.

However, when they receive Max’s excellent school report and consider asking whether he can re-enroll at Weatherfield High, David and Shona are left with the impression that everything is going really well for him.

Later, Max is determined to avoid Blake and Chris’s company, so when he sees Maria, he immediately makes a beeline for her, which succeeds.

When Shona learns that Max got along great with the teen refugee, she is thrilled by Maria’s invitation for them to visit.

But how much more suffering from Chris and Blake can Max take?

Viewers have now seen that there is another murderer in Weatherfield, and it appears that he won’t be content with just one victim.

Leo Thompkins was pushed off the factory roof by Stephen Reid, who then had to remove Leo’s body from the skip where he had fallen. Stephen Reid is the most recent murderer to walk the cobbles.

Todd Boyce, who plays Stephen’s Pat Phelan, recently told Digital Spy: “I’m so in awe of Connor McIntyre and Brian Capron, who played Richard Hillman and Pat Phelan, respectively. Iain MacLeod, the producer of Coronation Street, called me out of the blue and asked, “Hey, do you want to come in? I’m just so honored.

The mention of Pat Phelan and Richard Hillman makes it sound as though there will be more deaths before Stephen is, presumably, discovered.


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