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Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Next week’s Coronation Street will see Toyah take the stand in court, while Kelly confronts Gary about Rick.

Meanwhile, Stu continues to face backlash over his past.

Here’s a look at 13 big moments hitting your screens.

Toyah reveals the truth about the crash

Abi offers to let her watch Alfie for a few hours before Toyah’s trial. Over Alfie’s stroller, Toyah sobs and apologizes for separating him from his father.

Toyah’s guilt finally overcomes her, and as Leanne enters the room, she tells Spider that she intentionally crashed the car in an effort to kill Imran. Spider and Leanne are in disbelief after Toyah’s startling admission.

Saira accuses Toyah in court

Leanne begs Toyah to keep quiet and avoid saying anything she’ll later regret prior to her court appearance.

As soon as the trial starts, the prosecutor’s attorney immediately accuses Toyah of murder.

When Saira testifies that she saw Toyah kissing Spider, the situation for Toyah gets worse even though Adam and Kelly are called as witnesses. Saira claims that they were having an affair and that she deliberately killed Imran.

Toyah’s fate is decided

Leanne defends Toyah in response to Saira’s charges. Toyah, however, finally has enough and decides to speak out.

The jury returns its decision later. Will Toyah be lowered?

Dev learns of Aadi and Kelly’s wedding plans

Aadi tells Dev everything as they get ready to get married in Gretna Green. Dev reprimands Aadi for wanting to get married to someone like Kelly, horrified.

By throwing an engagement party, Aadi and Kelly hope to convince Dev of their love for one another.
Later, Gary counsels Dev and cautions him not to reject his relationship with Kelly lest he risk losing Aadi.

Maria is caught out by Kelly

Gary’s offer to contribute to the cost of the wedding touches Kelly, but Maria is unimpressed. Gary had previously heard Maria tell him they needed to call off the elopement, but Gary was worried they would drive Kelly away.

Kelly is upset when she hears Maria say that she will eventually grow tired of Aadi and break up with him while she is organizing the engagement party.

Gary fears his secret will be outed

Sharon, an old friend of Rick’s, pays Kelly a visit to celebrate her engagement. Gary begs her not to tell Kelly the truth about what happened to Rick after being alarmed to see her back on the street.

When Aadi tells Sharon everything about Kelly’s recent kidnapping ordeal by Rick’s former clients, Sharon has cause for concern.

Sharon is horrified when Kelly asks Gary to give her away at her wedding.

Kelly makes a shocking discovery

When Kelly receives a holdall of belongings that her mother left in Spain, she gets a little bit closer to learning the truth about her father’s passing. Kelly is concerned when she examines a digital camera and discovers vacation photos with dates of June 17, 2019, which is the day Rick was killed.

In response to the pictures, Kelly confronts Gary and demands to know who actually murdered Rick.

Stu faces another setback

Billy makes an effort to persuade Sean to celebrate his birthday at Speed Daal in order to show his support for Stu. Sean agrees after Billy brings up his own experience with homelessness.

Due to Stu’s reputation, business at Speed Daal has recently slowed down; Alya and Zeedan are hoping the party will make things better.

When a stranger gatecrashes Sean’s party and reveals that he was a friend of Charlie’s, Stu is shocked. He raises a box and lifts the cover.

Later, Alya and Stu meet with a lawyer who specializes in wrongful convictions, but they are dismayed to learn that he charges £15,000.

Jenny and Leo make plans for the future

Jenny makes it seem like she’s looking forward to the move while Leo anticipates their new life together in Canada.

Daisy makes an effort to persuade Jenny that she would make the ideal manager in Jenny’s absence. During Glenda’s first shift behind the bar, Stephen tries to con her by saying that she gave him the wrong change. Daisy tries to take advantage of the circumstance.

Jenny’s heart isn’t in the move, and this is evident as she surveys the bar.

Aggie fears that James is moving too quickly

James tells Aggie that he recently received a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy and that he is eager to get back on the field because he cannot imagine a life without football. Aggie keeps her worries about James’s health a secret.

As soon as James leaves the hospital, County’s manager calls to discuss his future with the team.

Ryan opens up to Alya

Ryan can’t help but watch on and lament the way things ended between them when he sees Alya having fun on a lunch date.

Ronnie prods Ryan to risk losing his heart. He expresses to Alya his deep regret over stealing money from the Bistro and his desire for a reconciliation.

George is stuck in the middle

George receives a complaint from Eileen about Glenda, and she asks him how long she intends to stay. George assures Eileen he will speak with Glenda.

Later, when Glenda learns that she has landed a job working behind the bar at The Rovers and is not in a rush to leave, Eileen is unimpressed.

Spider makes plans to stay

Spider makes plans to remain even though Toyah’s future is uncertain because the two recently rekindled their relationship.

Will Toyah be happy to hear this or not?


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