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Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell addresses Kevin’s big decision over Abi

Kevin and Abi Webster of Coronation Street have been through a lot together. For a while, it appeared that their relationship was over when it was revealed that Abi had a one-night stand with Imran, which gave birth to baby Alfie.

Michael Le Vell, who plays the actor, is in favor of the couple’s decision to try again and raise baby Alfie as their own.

He told Inside Soap, “It was the right thing to do and establishes a whole new direction going forward.”

What will they reveal to Alfie regarding his real father? Although I can imagine raising Alfie will provide compelling storylines in the future, I never want to know what’s going to happen in the long term because I prefer the surprise of receiving each script. You are concerned that they will run out of concepts for your character after 40 years!

Le Vell responded, “They’re both flawed, which means forgiveness comes quicker,” when asked why he thought Kevin and Abi got along so well as a couple.

Without forgiveness, it is impossible to move on from difficult situations. I believe that Kevin and Abi are good at forgiving one another, and their mutual support makes them stronger. After losing Seb, Kevin cares deeply about Abi and wants her to be content.

In their brief relationship, they have supported one another through a lot of difficult situations.

Whatever the writers have in store for Kevin, Abi, and Alfie, it appears that the couple will remain steadfast and overcome whatever is thrown at them.


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