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Coronation Street theory: Aadi Alahan killed as Kelly Neelan’s revenge plot backfires

A new theory contends that Aadi Alahan of CORONATION STREET will perish while attempting to save Kelly Neelan, putting his life in danger in Weatherfield.

The recent months have seen Aadi Alahan (played by Adam Hussain) and Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) fall in love, but the couple’s happily ever after may be tragically denied them if Kelly’s plan of retaliation against Gary Windass (Mikey North) fails. Will Aadi die while attempting to save his future wife?

Aadi actor Adam opened up about Kelly and his character’s love story in an interview with yzee.uk and other media outlets.

“I believe Aadi genuinely feels something for Kelly,” he said to start.

“I feel like they’re quite similar in how they’re sort of outcasts, and he’s willing to help her with dangerous things because he loves her and wants to protect her.

They relate to each other through their shared experiences of hardship and difficulty. Therefore, I believe they do care about one another.

In the episodes airing the following week, Kelly informs Aadi that she has reserved their tickets to Bangkok but leaves out the fact that they are one-way.

According to Adam, Aadi would probably be content to start a new life with Kelly somewhere else if he learns the truth.

He declared: “I think in the end he would because he isn’t enjoying himself at home on the street.

He’s been dumped, set on fire, and involved in car accidents, but now he’s found someone who gets him.

So, in my opinion, if given the chance, he would flee for a new beginning with Kelly.

Kelly is shocked when Gary starts gushing about her and their family at their engagement party.

She can’t keep her emotions in check and yells that she knows Gary killed her father, Rick Neelan (Greg Wood).

Gary is drawn into a trap by Kelly, where her kidnapper Kieron puts him in a car, takes him to the woods, and then kills Rick.

Aadi will be in a state of shock when Aadi returns to Weatherfield and informs everyone that Kelly is in danger—unclear it’s how Gary will manage to escape.

Who will survive the showdown when Kelly and Kieron are found by the two on the roof of a defunct mill?

Official soap opera spoilers indicate that a gun will fire, but they do not specify who will be shot.

Adam, who plays Aadi on Coronation Street, said that Aadi will do whatever it takes to support Kelly.

By doing business with Kieron, his fiancée put Aadi in danger, and her retaliation strategy might go horribly wrong.

Adam went on to say this regarding helping Kelly: “I’d say he’s nervous, but I think he’s willing to help her because he loves her, cares about her, and wants to protect her.

“Even though he’s terrified, I’d say he’d still do it.”

Adi is ready to begin a new life for Kelly away from his friends and family.

Will he push her out of the way and take a bullet for his fiance if he realizes she is in immediate danger?

Fans of Coronation Street will be aware of Millie’s departure from the popular soap.

She might, however, make it through the gun ordeal and leave without being able to handle the guilt of feeling accountable for Aadi’s passing.


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