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Coronation Street theory: Double exit twist as Toyah Battersby and Spider kidnap Alfie

Its CORONATION STREET As a new theory speculates on Toyah Battersby and Spider Nugent’s future together, extreme measures might be taken by the two.

The trial of Toyah Battersby (played by Georgia Taylor) changes dramatically in upcoming episodes, according to spoilers, who reveal the Coronation Street veteran will testify after making a wrenching confession to Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock). But will spending time with baby Alfie inspire Toyah to make a radical choice that will shake everything up?

Official spoilers confirm Toyah will be asked by Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) if she would like to have Alfie for a few hours before her trial.

Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) agrees, and Toyah is left sobbing over his stroller as she apologizes for taking him away.

Actress Georgia opened up about the “deep” impact this encounter will have on Toyah in an interview with Express.co.uk and other media.

“I played it [as if] this is possibly the first time she’s had one-on-one time with him since Imran died,” the Coronation Street actor said.

“In a few scenes, Abi has called out, ‘Oh, come over, do you want to cuddle? Will you come see [Alfie]?

And Toyah simply said, “No, I can’t handle this. She says it hurts too much for her.”

“However, without being overly sentimental or corny, she is staring into the eyes of the child of the man she loves, which must be a very emotional event to occur.

But it also makes her feel more guilty and responsible because she believes that she has deprived the child of the opportunity to ever meet his father.

That’s a heavy cross to carry, the actress continued.

According to confirmed soap opera spoilers, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) will enter the scene as Toyah is telling Spider that she lied to the police, deliberately crashed the car, and had intended to kill Imran.

Although Spider’s true motivations for coming back to Weatherfield are still unknown, it is obvious that he has deep feelings for Toyah.

After learning that Toyah’s encounter with Alfie led to her heartbreaking confession, Spider will probably realize how important Alfie is to Toyah.

Spider and Leanne are both in shock after hearing her confession, and the latter begs her sister to keep quiet as a result.

Toyah decides she must take the position despite her guilt-ridden feelings.

Will Toyah reveal everything, or will Leanne and Spider persuade her to keep her mouth shut?

She might be persuaded to reconsider taking the stand if Spider breaks down and declares his undying love for Toyah.

Will Spider advise him and Toyah to abduct Alfie and make plans for a new life away from the cobblestones?

When the jury returns its verdict later in the week, will Toyah be able to start a new relationship or will she be made to pay for her actions?

Iain MacLeod has joked that Toyah might not be best served by confiding in Spider.

According to him, Toyah’s feelings about what happened—particularly what she did to Imran and her guilt over it—are amplified by the possibility of a life sentence.

“Toyah experiences a severe emotional crisis at which she is driven by a strong desire to atone or simply experience catharsis. Toyah ultimately releases all of her burdens to Spider, discussing in-depth for the first time what happened while she was driving that car, whether or not she feels responsible for what happened to Imran, how much of it was an accident and how much was intentional.

Toyah feels that Spider is the best and most trustworthy person she could tell. In fact, in terms of whom she should confess to at that time, he is the worst imaginable option.

Iain continued, “She’s definitely making a big mistake by telling him all of this, for reasons that will become clear.


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