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Coronation Street theory: Jenny Connor framed for murder as Leo exits Weatherfield

Jenny Connor from Coronation Street will be heartbroken when Leo Thompkins permanently departs Weatherfield, but a new theory contends that the abrupt change may have serious repercussions for the proprietor of the bar.

Since their romance started, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), who is older than Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), has had difficulty believing that they will be happy together. The Coronation Street veteran will be devastated in upcoming scenes when Leo abruptly disappears from the cobblestones, but in a cruel twist of fate, will she be held responsible for his disappearance?

In upcoming episodes, Teddy, Leo’s father, shows up and cautions him against getting involved with Jenny. As viewers will know, Jenny kissed Todd Boyce’s character, Stephen Reid, when she believed her relationship with Leo was over.

Leo hires an estate agent to appraise Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) home as part of his mission to expose Stephen as a liar.

He overhears Stephen talking, and it is then that he understands the prodigal son’s true intentions.

Leo is taunting Audrey’s son on the factory gantry as Stephen rides along behind him.

Leo’s threat to tell Audrey everything causes Stephen to become alarmed and attack his love rival.

Leo trips over the handrails and lands on the trash can below.

Stephen rushes to see how Leo is doing, but what will he do if he needs medical attention?

When Leo doesn’t come home, Jenny confides her worries to Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

Daisy tries to encourage Jenny, but she worries that Leo may have heard what his father said.

When Ted enters the bar, he is shocked to see Jenny there.

She explains that Leo left for Canada without her, but Ted won’t be convinced because he is his son.

Ted might start digging deeper into his son’s disappearance and think Jenny was involved in his departure.

Will he hold the pub owner responsible if he can’t reach his son?

Sally Ann Matthews from Coronation Street opened up about how her guilt over her kiss with Stephen will affect her relationship with Leo in an interview with Express.co.uk and other media outlets.

When asked about her feelings for Stephen, Jenny remarked, “It was definitely a rebound thing.

“She had finally given in to her feelings for Leo and acknowledged that she was falling for him and wanting to be with him.

Since they started dating, she has always believed that he will eventually break up with her or come to his senses and realize that she is an elderly woman.

She was still grieving over that relationship and Johnny’s passing, but as time has gone on, Leo has simply demonstrated time and time again his support for her.

She’s allowed herself to fully embrace that, so when he lands a job in Canada, it throws a major wrench in the plan and she decides she doesn’t want to relocate to a different part of the globe. I don’t want to go away from my friends and family.

Leo might decide one day, “I want kids or I want this,” leaving her stranded on the other side of the globe, heartbroken, and alone. This is still a persistent worry in her mind.

Jenny will hold herself responsible for Leo’s disappearance, but if her partner is reported missing, this guilt might be misinterpreted.

Will Ted point the finger of suspicion Jenny’s way if his accident at Stephen’s hands turns out to be something more sinister?

Stephen would go to any lengths to avoid being suspected and might even frame the landlord of the pub in order to protect himself.

Will a distraught Jenny be put behind bars for the tragic death of Leo?


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