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Coronation Street theory: Toyah’s exit sealed after Saira exposes truth of Imran’s death

The trial for CORONATION STREET widow Toyah Battersby began this week, and Saira Habeeb went above and beyond to make sure her son’s killer was found. According to a brand-new yzee.uk theory, Toyah might be forced to leave Weatherfield if Saira were to reveal her true motivations.

This week saw the start of the most recent murder trial on Coronation Street, in which the jury will determine whether Toyah (played by Georgia Taylor) killed her husband Imran Habeeb on purpose (Charlie De Melo). The shocking incident’s real cause was revealed in flashbacks days after it occurred when it was revealed Toyah deliberately drove the car into the side of a construction site.What lengths will Imran’s mother Saira (Kim Vithana) go to in order to put Toyah in jail for kidnapping her son?

Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock), whom Toyah was desperately trying to contact at the start of Wednesday night’s episode, is nowhere to be found.

I never used to think this place is all that but I am going to miss it, Toyah said to her sister Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), who was anxious about the trial starting.

Leanne retorted angrily, “No you’re not going to miss it because you’re not going anywhere because you’re not guilty,” not wanting to see her sister concede defeat.

Just promise me you won’t make a fool of yourself in court today, please.

Toyah ignored her query and walked away by saying, “I have to head back and get the rest of my stuff together.”

Before the trial started, Toyah’s defense lawyer gave a briefing and said, “Look, I know that it is intimidating, but all you have to do is tell the truth.”

The truth, Toyah joked. Leanne concurred, saying, “Yeah, they have no evidence.”

Leanne told her attorney before Toyah left because she needed a moment to collect herself: “Last night, Toyah was saying all this stuff that she blames herself for, and I think she might confess to killing Imran so that she gets sent down.

She claimed that she should be punished. What if she decided not to testify? Although it might seem bad in retrospect, it can’t possibly be worse than admitting to something you didn’t do, right? Leanne enquired.

“Look, if you really think she might incriminate herself, then maybe it will be our only option,” her attorney concurred.

Toyah was persuaded by Leanne that she didn’t need to testify and that the witness testimony would suffice.

Enjoying your final few days of freedom, Saira chastised Toyah as she left the court during the intermission. Don’t get too cozy; as I warned, the judge will lock you up where you belong after hearing what I have to say.

Toyah acknowledged to her lawyer that Saira learned about her and Spider and remarked, “It should have been you that died in that car,” as she left.

Saira got up on the platform and started talking about how much she hated Toyah and their relationship before disclosing her relationship with Spider.

She yelled across the courtroom, “She killed him,” with malice in her voice.

Toyah will be sentenced for the murder of Imran, and Saira will stop at nothing to see that it happens.

It was recently discovered that Spider is actually an undercover police officer who had visited Weatherfield on a new, unrelated case.

If Saira learned of this information, she might use it to trick Spider into disclosing the truth about Toyah and the accident.

Toyah may confess to the crime and serve her time in jail knowing she can’t handle the guilt, but she also has the option of leaving Weatherfield to start a new life.

Will Toyah be honest? Or will Saira have to reveal the truth about what really happened the day her son died?

At Leanne at the conclusion of the episode, Toyah yelled: “Regardless of what the jury decides, Imran is dead and died as a result of me. He’s gone. I must always bear in mind that I killed him.”

Was this Toyah’s last message to her sister?

Georgia Taylor revealed recently to The Mirror what had happened to Toyah “I’ve always said that I really want a prison plot.

“I just think it looks like so much fun, and I think it could go one of two ways because Toyah has counseling experience: either that, or she could get bullied a ton!”


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