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Coronation Street: Who is Amanda Barrie and what role did she play?

Amanda Barrie, a Coronation Street star and acting legend, makes an appearance in tonight’s Casualty episode.

Despite making numerous TV appearances over the years, Amanda Barrie is best known for her part in the ITV soap opera.

Let’s review her time in Corrie and some other notable characters before she makes an appearance in the Holby ED.

Who is Amanda Barrie?

Amanda Barrie, a native of Lancashire and born Shirley Ann Broadbent, is an actress.

She attended St. Anne’s College and later received training at the London Arts Educational School and Bristol’s Old Vic Theatre School.

Who did Amanda play in Coronation Street?

Alma Halliwell was portrayed by Amanda from 1981 to 2001.

The owner of Jim’s CafĂ© on Rosamund Street, Alma was married to Mike Baldwin, a man who would do anything to defeat Ken (William Roache).

In 1982, Alma filed for divorce from her first husband, Jim Sedgewick, after he left her for a florist.

When financial difficulties started, Alma sold 40% of the company and co-ran it with Gail (Helen Worth) until 1997.

She then sold Roy the remaining portion of her stock (David Neilson).

In 2001, Alma’s time in Weatherfield came to an end. At age 55, she received a cervical cancer diagnosis, at which point she passed away.

Who does Amanda play in Casualty?

In tonight’s Casualty episode, Amanda plays Elsie, a patient who comes into the ED from a nursing home.

Enough said about Elsie’s verbal prowess—most of which are directed at Faith (Kirsty Mitchell).

What other roles has Amanda had?

Cleopatra in 1964 and Anthea in 1963 were the roles Amanda played in the two Carry On movies.

She is also well-known for playing Beverley Tull in the popular television series Bad Girls from 2003 to 2006.

Her most recent appearance was in Holby City.

In a 2012 episode that was broadcast, Amanda’s character was known as Annabella Casey; in 2017, she made a comeback to the medical drama as Jenny Cox.


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