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Coronation Street’s Dev Alahan to reunite with unlikely resident for whirlwind romance

Icon of Coronation Street Dev Alahan is having trouble getting used to the idea that his son Aadi Alahan will soon wed Kelly Neelan. According to a brand-new yzee.uk theory, Dev might consult a former lover’s hands for guidance.

The character of Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) has struggled to accept the fact that his only son Aadi (Adam Hussain) will soon wed Kelly (Millie Gibson). Last week, Dev snapped at his son as he felt the pressure, causing the child to trip and hit his head. Future scenes show Dev realizing that he has treated his son unfairly and that all he wants is what’s best for him.By being honest about his feelings, he could watch as an unexpected romance of his own emerged in the process.

According to official spoilers, Bernie Winter (Jane Hazelgrove), while cleaning, accidentally breaks the first golf trophy Aadi has ever won.

Bernie is in need of money and calls her wealthy doppelganger Fern (Gabrielle Glaister) for assistance after Dev fires her out of the blue out of a fit of rage.

In another scene, Joy sets the ground rules while Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) is made to hold her tongue during her first shift at the charity shop.

After making a phone call, Evelyn informs Joy that she will be departing for Cornwall for a few days.

Bernie leaves Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) to watch the quads while she poses as having a job interview while wearing Fern’s designer clothing and jewelry. What’s she doing?

Bernie is no stranger to scams, and it appears that she might go back to them in order to make some quick money.

In a later conversation with Bernie, Dev expresses regret for his overreaction to the broken trophy and blames himself for failing to shield Aadi.

Bernie reassures him that no child could ask for a better father, and Dev is moved by her generosity. Could the couple go back to their brief romance?

Dev could lean on Bernie for support and use Bernie as a constructive diversion from the fear of his son leaving home and getting married.

Dev might also be exactly what Bernie needs to prevent her from seeing Fern and reverting to her old behavior, which would cause her to get into more trouble.

Aadi wonders why they are late as they arrive after Asha has informed Dev that he is being released from the hospital. Will Dev reveal who he was dating?

How would Aadi react to the news that he could resume the romance knowing how his dad would react the first time when he slept with Bernie?

Aadi might be pleased for his father because it will allow him to stop worrying about Kelly’s wedding, but things could go south if Aadi starts to suspect his father of having double standards.

Will everyone be pardoned in the Alahan home, despite Dev’s assurances to the twins that he loves them both equally?

When Dev and Bernie had a pretend date last summer, which turned into a real date when they spent the night together, their friendship began to deepen.

Bernie felt humiliated when Dev said that the only reason he had been intimate with her while intoxicated was because he thought they had something special.

Jane previously discussed her feelings for Bernie and Dev, telling Digital Spy: “They both like to laugh, and I think she’s a good match for him.

“They both appear to be enjoying themselves. They are both fully capable adults who have given their consent.

“I don’t know about the romance’s potential to develop into something serious in the long run. However, Dev triggers a reaction in Bernie that hasn’t been triggered in her for a while.

Let’s face it, she’s made some really bad decisions in the past, and he’s basically a good man.


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