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EastEnders confirms Alfie Moon return date as Kat faces a dilemma

Alfie Moon will return to Walford at a specific time, according to EastEnders.

After a four-year hiatus, Shane Richie has returned to the role of Alfie, and his return is scheduled to fall during the week of his ex-wife Kat and Phil’s wedding.

Alfie will return to the screen on Monday, September 12, according to early spoilers for later this month, much to Kat’s surprise.

Kat receives the shock of her life when Alfie shows up on her doorstep as she gets ready to marry Phil, who is also dealing with some issues of his own.

Alfie will go to great lengths in the upcoming episode to get what he wants, but where will this leave Kat and Phil’s relationship? This week’s events in the Square are listed below.

Monday, September 12

On the wedding day for Phil and Kat, Kat experiences the shock of her life when Alfie shows up. Rocky desperately tries to fix a problem he caused, while Zack exhorts Sharon to pursue her goals.

Tuesday, September 13

Alfie goes to great lengths to achieve his goals, Freddie stirs up trouble, and Mick is powerless to stop Freddie from upsetting Frankie.

Wednesday, September 14

When the chips are down, will Alfie and Sharon get their way or will Phil and Kat actually get married? Despite Lola’s efforts to assist Frankie, things worsen.

Thursday, September 15

Frankie takes the initiative, and Dotty confesses to Vinny. 

Showrunner Chris Clenshaw had this to say about Alfie’s upcoming return: “Welcoming him back to Walford is an absolute pleasure. Shane Richie created one of the most iconic, lovable and memorable characters in soap opera.

There have been many events since Alfie left the Square, but wherever his floral shirts go, you can count on laughter, games, and the occasional porky-pie. We are ecstatic to have him home.


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