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EastEnders fans swoon over the Panesar brothers in a “beautiful” behind-the-scenes picture.

The Panesar family has been involved in drama and scandal ever since moving to Albert Square, and as a result, they have all quickly gained popularity among EastEnders viewers. When he released a behind-the-scenes photo with his co-stars on Saturday (August 13), actor Shiv Jalota drove fans of the BBC One soap opera into a frenzy.

In a selfie with his on-screen sibling Jaz Deol, who plays Kheerat, and newcomer Aaron Thiara, who plays killer Ravi Gulati, the 28-year-old actor who has played Vinny Panesar in the show since 2019, who is also Vinny Panesar. At Elstree Studios, the three men pose for the camera while braving the heat.

Shiv stands between Aaron, who is grinning at the camera, and Jaz, who has a serious expression on his face as the sun beats down on the group. The actors received immediate praise from the soap star’s fans for their “beautiful” looks.


Shiv annotated the photo, writing, “The three musketeers…” next to the picture. Immediately after hearing this, someone responded, “Three very, very handsome and lovely young lads!!!”

What a handsome ensemble, said the second.

“3 hunks,” said a third, followed by a love heart emoji.

Another sarcastically added, “The 3 FIT musketeers.”

The newest cast member of EastEnders, Ravi Gulati, also moved to Walford and joined the Panesar family as a family friend, but after killing his own father the previous week, he appears to have a truly nasty side.


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