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EastEnders’ Finlay Baker to play matchmaker between Billy and Honey

Following her recent split from Jay Brown, EastEnders is hinting at a reunion between Billy and Honey Mitchell, and it appears that Finlay Baker will be the one to play matchmaker.

Billy becomes envious when he sees Finlay and Honey together at the Minute Mart in scenes that will air next week.

Meanwhile, Sonia notices Kim avoiding Honey and confronts her, demanding that she pay Honey the money owed to her from their bet in which they challenged Honey to say yes to everything.

Honey later admits to Kim that she lost the bet because she turned down a date with Finlay.

Billy is naturally delighted to hear this, having previously passed up the chance to ask Honey out to Mr Lister and then Finlay.

Billy and Whitney try to teach Finlay some useful seller’s lingo now that he has decided he wants to open his own food stall at the market.

Later, at The Vic, an astute Finlay informs Billy that he is aware of his feelings for Honey.

Billy confides in Finlay at the stall, admiring his charm and confidence, that Honey is the only woman for him. Finlay then wonders what he can do to help.

What will Finlay think of? And, perhaps more importantly, will it work?

In other EastEnders news, Amy will make a big mistake next week when she does something stupid to impress Denzel and ends up in the hospital as a result.


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