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EastEnders hints at Howie Danes secret in new scenes

Will Kim be surprised?

There have been hints on EastEnders that Howie Danes is keeping something from Kim Fox.

Howie makes a strange phone call without Kim’s knowledge in Monday’s edition of the show, which is already streaming on the BBC iPlayer.

Howie tells Kim in the most recent scenes between the two how he lost a good job.

The kids’ entertainer was scheduled to perform at a holiday club for five weeks, but he is informed that he is not needed because not enough children signed up.

Howie acknowledges that he was dependent on the money because he has to pay a deposit for a new apartment because he is getting evicted from his current one.

Kim notices a perfect opportunity to assist Howie when she sees Dana Monroe leave Walford East following a confrontation with Bobby Beale.

Kim suggests Howie as a bartender after Kathy complains that she is currently short-staffed at both the restaurant and The Albert.

Kim exaggerates Howie’s ability while ignoring the fact that he lacks experience.

Howie is later spotted talking on the phone to an unidentified individual while in a private time.

I just have a little bit of a cash flow issue, Howie admits. Tomorrow I start a new job.

“Don’t get angry. Look, I have to leave. I cherish you.

Howie is speaking to someone.


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