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EastEnders airs sad death scenes for one character

After one more wonderful day, they said goodbye. THIS PAGE CONTAINS SPOILERS.

After a pleasant day in Albert Square, EastEnders showed a heartbreaking twist in which a character tragically died.

Avery (Omar Lye-Fook), Mitch Baker’s estranged brother, was recently introduced to viewers. However, as soon as the two started to resolve their differences, Avery passed out in shocking scenes.

The news that Avery was dying shocked Mitch and Karen Taylor (Lorraine), who then hurried to the hospital with Avery’s boys Felix (Matthew Morrison) and Finlay (Ashley Byam). Although Mitch battled with the notion that his brother had not confided in him, Karen was able to convince him to support Avery.

Avery was brought into their home for care, but it soon became clear that he wouldn’t have much time to live. He said he wanted to go back to an East End restaurant they had been to when they were younger and reminded Mitch of it. Mitch had an idea when Karen mentioned that Avery was simply too ill to travel.

The Launderette was transformed into a Caribbean-themed party setting thanks to Karen and Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker), who were joined by a number of residents, including Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) and Denise Fox (Diane Parish). A weak Avery danced and revelled in the celebrations, happy and moved by all the effort made.

Later, Felix showed up dressed as Tara Misu, his drag alter ego. Avery told Mitch that Felix had given his alter persona the name of his father’s favourite dessert and said that Tara had been difficult for him to get used to.

When Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) first saw Tara, he was intrigued and decided to join the gathering. However, Tara quickly put him in his place with her sass!

Avery wanted his brother to be there for his boys at their final heart-to-heart. Soon after Avery’s cancer fight, he began to drift away as Mitch had indicated he would.

Mitch was devastated and lamented their lack of time together in private. He made an effort to be there for Felix and Finlay in the aftermath, but was troubled to discover a message from Avery that revealed his impoverishment, leaving the family short on money for his funeral.

Can everyone come together to send goodbye Avery in style?


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