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EastEnders hunk James Farrar’s real age, heartbreaking reason he quit modelling and forgotten Call the Midwife episode

When the cameras stop rolling, South East London native Zack Hudson is a world different from his Walford persona.

Zack Hudson has definitely gotten under the skin of certain residents since moving to Walford in March of last year, especially the ladies that frequent the square. The dashing jack-the-lad seduced Nancy Carter into a turbulent relationship that just ended in tears after he had an affair with Sam Mitchell, a choice that he at first regretted.

Zack was also the victim of villain Janine Butcher, and the two spent the night together, leaving his half-sister Sharon Watt less than impressed with his antics. During the burial for their father, Gavin Sullivan, the handsome chef Zack first met his half-sister Sharon. The initial connection between the long-lost siblings was their shared loathing of Gavin.

Since then, he has risen through the ranks to become one of Walford’s most sought-after men and a favourite of EastEnders viewers. In the BBC One soap opera Zack Hudson is portrayed by actor James Farrar, yet his real life is very different from the arrogant Zack Hudson of Albert Square.

Despite claims to the contrary, we can attest that James is 35 years old. The Greenwich-born actor has experience in the soap opera industry; from 2012 to 2013, he played Liam Gilmore in Hollyoaks on Channel 4.

He has also made appearances in several well-known television programmes, including Doctors (2016), Call the Midwife (2017), and Silent Witness (2017), where he played Steven Cooper and Dean Fallon, respectively (2015).

James has a thriving modelling career in addition to his small-screen acting work. James has highlighted some of his accomplishments on his Instagram, including appearing in a campaign for the upscale retailer Jimmy Choo and modelling for Dolce & Gabbana.

He has even filmed commercials with celebrities like Kate Moss and Barbara Palvin. James, who gave birth to a daughter with his wife Ali last year, abandoned his modelling endeavours after learning that his mother had cancer.

In an interview with TV Mag, James gave the following explanation: “Before this job, I was a model and flew to Milan, then to New York, then to Paris.”

“I think it was a good thing that I got the EastEnders job because Summer, my little daughter, wouldn’t have been born if I was continued working the crazy hours and travelling I was doing with modelling,” she said.

James was also urged to accept his position in the serial because it was worth the price for another, more tragic reason. James stated that his mother’s cancer was one of the factors in his decision to join EastEnders.

If these are my final days with her, it meant that we would spend them together rather than me travelling the world.

Thankfully, following her chemotherapy treatment, James’ mother is “smashing it.”

He said, “She’s crushing it; she has the grit of a warrior.”

Family life for James
James is happily married to his wife Ali Roff Farrer, a wellness expert and writer, thus his life away from the screen is very different from Zack Hudson’s. The Blackheath-based pair has been together for 15 years and welcomed their first child in November 2021.

With the description “Our everlasting Summer,” James’ wife posted a number of gorgeous pictures of the happy couple and their adorable newborn to Instagram to share the good news.

“Welcome to Summer’s world.” Farrar, Connie Castling Looking forward to showing you around! Your crazed father has grand plans for us. You’ve already developed so much in just 7 weeks. I am forward to see who you will be in x.

James has devotedly shared on Instagram his love, admiration, and support for his wife Ali, mentioning their 12-year relationship in a post dated October 2019. Ali is referred to be “a life partner and life coach all in one” by James in one of his kind messages of encouragement for the publication of her book.


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