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EastEnders’ Max Bowden shares an emotional tribute to his late friend as stars rush to support him

In 2021, the actor Ben Mitchell lost his closest friend.

An heartfelt remembrance of Max Bowden’s deceased friend has been shared. On social media, celebrities flocked to the EastEnders actor’s defense.

On Monday, August 8, the Ben Mitchell actor posted a heartfelt message in Maxwell Thompson’s memory on Instagram. “Today has been one of the worst days I’ve endured,” he wrote in the post.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve fully grieved for Max. Birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries are all painful occasions throughout the grieving process.

“It only becomes more tolerable; it never gets any simpler. What I would do to hear Max Butcher perform Piano Man and take off his equipment in a karaoke booth one more time. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to living without him. Always in my heart, big brother.”

“As I discovered when I opened my copy of @hussainmanawer’s Life Is Beautiful, life has a really strange way of tossing things your way. That gives me some solace right now. Hug your family and friends in particular. Avoid taking friendship for granted because it is the purest and most delicate thing there is. X.”

Tragically, Max’s best friend of 15 years passed away in 2021. On EastEnders, the actor who portrays Ben Mitchell posted a video of Maxwell along with the caption, “My best pal trumps yours, I guarantee.”

“I recently discovered my copy of @hussainmanawer’s life is lovely, which reminded me of how funny life can be when it throws stuff your way. That makes me feel better tonight. Hold onto your friends, in particular. Avoid taking your friendships for granted because they are the purest and most fragile things you can have. X.”

In 2021, Max’s 15-year best friend suddenly departed away. My best pal tops yours, I guarantee, the actor who portrays Ben Mitchell on EastEnders said alongside a video of Maxwell.

Stars flocked to Max’s tribute’s remarks to show their support. James Farrar, Jimmy Bye, and Milly Zero of EastEnders left a string of red heart emoticons.

TV and radio host Matt Spracklen penned the following: “Lovely words, man. Today I’m thinking of you.” Fans also offered the actor their love, writing: “He’s really proud of you, so please accept my love! Xxx.”

Another way to say it is: “Bless your heart, Max. I can’t begin to fathom how you are feeling. These are lovely words. As always, grieving is one of the worst things to go through in life—to lose someone you love. I’m sending you so much love. I’m sending you strength. I’m thinking of you today.”

One then said: “Take care of yourself, buddy; losing a loved one is among the most difficult emotions to experience. My condolences for your loss.”


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