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EastEnders’ Stuart Highway to make a big mistake at Avery’s funeral

Stuart Highway from EastEnders will continue to raise questions the following week after making a significant error at Avery Baker’s funeral.

In agonizing moments from last month, Avery passed away; in subsequent scenes, his loved ones will prepare to bury him.

Jay is unimpressed when Stuart arrives late for Avery’s funeral as it begins.

The situation worsens when Stuart upsets Mitch by forgetting important funeral details.

When Tara shows up rather than Felix, Mitch is likewise surprised. He subsequently apologizes after realizing Felix done this for Avery.

After the funeral, Jay is compelled to consider the tumultuous day and dismiss Stuart as a result of an uptick in complaints.

Jay’s news that Stuart has been dismissed worries Callum, while Vi is concerned about her grandson after learning troubling information.

After meeting with his doctor to discuss his cancer diagnosis, Stuart packs up all of his stuff, which worries Karen, Callum, and Vi.

They inquire about his cancer diagnosis after sensing something is off, but Stuart replies that he has been given the all-clear, which only makes them more perplexed about his behavior.

Fortunately, Karen begins to comprehend Stuart’s suffering, and the two of them have a heart to heart.

Stuart tells Karen the truth, saying that Rainie, who no longer wants to see him, has all the parental rights he ever held.

After listening to Stuart, Karen tries once again to explain that this might be postpartum depression and urges him to seek assistance.

This time, Stuart seems to be paying attention and accepts Karen’s recommendation to visit a doctor. Can they procure him the aid he requires?


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