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EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell left horrified over Sam’s deadly plan for Lewis

When Phil and Ben Mitchell of EastEnders find out about Sam’s murderous plan for Lewis, they will be horrified.

After learning that Lewis had sexually assaulted her nephew Ben, Sam recently showed viewers how determined she had become to find him.

Of course, Sam’s true hidden aim is to regain Phil’s trust after she was exposed for her shady behavior at the club.

Ben is released from the hospital as Sam carries on with her effort to win Phil back.

Phil is happy Ben is going back home, but he knows there is still a long way to go.

Phil meets with Keeble to discuss how to aid Lewis’ recovery and requests that she hurl the book at him.

Sam tries to reach out to her brother using Kat, but Kat is unwilling to become involved as Phil looks for methods to assist.

Sam, who has decided to leave Walford after conceding defeat, begs Kat for the safe code so she can retrieve her passport. Kat hesitates before admonishing her sternly not to take any more.

When Zack phones to announce he’s found Lewis, it throws Sam for a loop just as she is about to depart. Then, Zack and Sam leave to find Lewis with the revolver from the safe she had hidden in her backpack.

Sam’s revelation that Lewis is restrained in the car’s trunk astounded Phil. Sam argues that it’s time to get revenge because she also has Phil’s gun.

What will happen when they get at the warehouse that Sam is driving a reticent Phil to?

Jay encourages Callum and Ben to meet up for a conversation in the meanwhile, but things don’t go well.

Ben receives more bad news when Lola forbids him from seeing Lexi until he receives medical attention.

Ben is still reeling from this when Zack tells him about Sam’s scheme, which gives him an even larger shock.


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