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EastEnders reveals shocking attack, Sharon’s new crush, Linda’s triumph, and historical flashback

Next week, the long-running serial drama EastEnders brings the season to a rousing start with a clash between the past and the present.

Explore the past with a historical flashback episode that delves into the Mitchells’ tumultuous past and produces unexpected outcomes.

Think of us as being very eager for that.

Back in the present, Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) is attacked on the way home from a night out, and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is horrified by DCI Keeble’s request.

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) tries to move on but can’t shake her love for Phil, while Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) goes out of her way to annoy Linda Carter (Kellie Bright).

If you haven’t watched EastEnders in a while, now is the perfect time to start doing so because the upcoming few months in the Square are going to be extremely exciting.

All of this and so much more are waiting for you!

Monday September 5

When Phil learns specifically who Keeble wants him to share information with, he is completely taken aback. A very special episode of the BBC One serial drama is prompted by the discovery, which takes us back in time.

The Mitchell family is impacted by the turmoil in the British economy in 1979. The story will revolve around Peggy, who struggles to care for her family and maintain her marriage. In the meantime, Eric will accompany Phil and Grant on their first shady transaction.

Both Eric and Phil are battling it out to be the man of the house. Who will prevail, though?

DCI Keeble is pressuring Phil in the present, and as her obsession grows, will we be able to stop her finally learn the cause of her intense animosity toward the Mitchells?

Tuesday September 6

Keeble, the detective, texts Phil while she is waiting outside and is very clear that if he doesn’t give her what she needs, she will cause trouble for him and Kat on their wedding day.

Billy uses the chance to approach Honey after she overhears an argument between him and Phil. Will she have anything to say?

When Freddie Slater makes his debut, he haggles at Billy’s market stall and then causes quite a commotion by sneaking a bap from Stacey’s stall without paying!

Freddie is being reprimanded for jumping the barrier when Bobby sees him by the tube and decides to help him by paying the fare. Billy, in the meantime, spots Freddie and decides to report him to the police. Until Freddie introduces himself as his son, that is.

Frankie is signing to Esme in an English class on her first day as a teaching assistant. However, Amy, Denzel, and Nugget begin to imitate her. Frankie reprimands the group, but then events change when they inappropriately photograph Frankie and use those images to make a social media video.

Mick assures Linda that Annie will be back with her as soon as the results of her negative hair test are received.

Wednesday September 7

Billy must inform Little Mo of Freddie’s presence in the Square, and Honey insists that they talk about the truth regarding the newcomer’s biological father.

Phil makes one last attempt to outdo the detective in an effort to get himself out of his sticky situation with Keeble. Will his plan fail?

Janine makes an effort to irritate Linda. Jean reassures Shirley that she doesn’t require being treated like a child because of one episode when she expresses her displeasure about the stag and hen nights taking place at The Vic.

Frankie confronts Mr. Morden about the social media video and expresses her rage and distress, but she is not pleased with his response. She receives an invitation from Lola to go clubbing with Felix, Dotty, Whitney, Finlay, and Vinny.

Whitney and Finlay are starting to feel a little something. Meanwhile, Vinny starts to worry about his relationship with Dotty because of Finlay. Until a stranger bothers Frankie on the dance floor and tries to kiss her, she is feeling a little happier. She exits the tube in a panic and leaves early, turning down Lola’s offer to drive her home.

Thursday September 8

When Frankie realizes she is being followed home, the man from the club approaches her. She is entrapped until a bystander steps in and gives her a chance to escape.

Linda is thrilled when Mick lets her say goodbye to Annie before bed, but she feels left out when he goes upstairs to assist Shirley.

Meanwhile, Mick consoles Frankie, who is relieved to learn that she escaped harm physically. Frankie, however, has a different perspective.

A hurt Freddie is reassured by Stacey that his mother will have explanations for him, and Sharon invites Matt back to her house despite feeling conflicted about her feelings for Phil.


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