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EastEnders spoilers: Chelsea stands up for struggling teen Amy

Due to her recent escape from a relationship with the villainous Gray Atkins, Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) may be the character in EastEnders who understands bullying, denigration, and intimidation the most intimately.

It therefore comes as no surprise that she leaps to their defence when she learns that a little girl is a victim of bullying behaviour.

The girl is Amy Mitchell (Abbie Burke), and she is outraged that two boys have been acting quite cruelly toward her.

The son of Howie (Delroy Atkinson), Denzel recently relocated to the Square to dwell with his father and Kim (Tameka Empson). Lily (Lilia Turner), Tommy (Sonny Kendall), and Amy are all introduced to him by Kim in the hopes that having companions his own age will help him feel more at ease.

Amy is pretty taken with Denzel and tries to win him over. They are soon joined by Davinder, also known as Nugget, who is the son of Ravi (Aaron Thiara), and it doesn’t take long for the two boys to start upsetting Amy.

Chelsea immediately sets out to find the boys after discovering Amy in tears and gives them a sharp talking to. Later, Amy is still having trouble as a result of the boys’ behaviour. Chelsea is outraged that the boys haven’t expressed regret and has once more given them both some extremely harsh comments.

What about an apology?


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