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EastEnders spoilers: Janine’s fury as Mick chooses Linda in crash court drama

The closeness that still exists between Mick and Linda (Kellie Bright) despite everything they have been through seems to be unbreakable no matter how much Janine (Charlie Brooks) schemes and meddles to get Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) all to herself in EastEnders.

Janine might be feeling victorious as Linda’s court date draws near. Because Janine orchestrated it that way, the proof that Linda crashed her automobile while intoxicated is quite strong. With Linda behind bars, Janine would once again have Mick to herself.

However, as they witness baby Annie taking her first steps and almost kiss, Mick and Linda share a special moment. Following that, despite Janine’s best efforts to be seductive and attractive, Mick can’t help but think of Linda.

He makes the decision to do what he can to support Linda in her impending trial and advises her to search her online phone record for information. When Linda does this, she discovers that on the night of the accident, she called the Queen Vic, which we know Janine answered.

Janine begins to feel the pressure as the circumstances surrounding the crash night come into doubt. And she is utterly furious that Mick appears to be standing at Linda’s side and encouraging her once more.

Will Mick support Linda as she readies for her court date? Or does Janine still have something tucked away?


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