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EastEnders spoilers: Major return, sad exit, Phil wedding rage

The long-awaited wedding of Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) will be chaotic in the best EastEnders tradition.

Shane Richie’s character, Alfie Moon, has returned and is eager to win back Kat. Additionally, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), who wants Phil back, believes Phil is making a mistake.

Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) receives bad news elsewhere after her ordeal, and she must quickly make a choice.

Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) also experiences heartache when Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) sleeps with Finlay Baker (Ashley Byam).

Monday September 12 

On the day of Kat and Phil’s wedding, Mo surprises Kat by showing up in classic Mo style. Kat and Phil are surprised by the market vendors with a celebration, but Kat’s joy is short-lived when Shirley causes her to question her future with Phil. After speaking with Stacey, Kat puts her worries to rest, but she is unaware that Sharon is trying to win Phil back.

Sharon gives Phil an old photo of the two of them and tells him how great they are together after some prodding from Zack, but her hopes of a reunion are dashed when Phil reveals he’s getting married to Kat. Zack accidentally overhears a conversation involving Kat and believes Phil has picked Sharon, which puts him in Sharon’s predicament as she reels.

Kat is enraged and rushes over to confront Phil, who reassures her that he loves her. However, Kat won’t be silenced and confronts Sharon. The two are exchanging insults, but will Sharon listen to Kat and stop? As Ben and Phil are having a heart-to-heart, Tommy interrupts to break the bad news after learning what Bert and Ernie have been up to. When Alfie shows up at her house, Kat experiences the shock of her life.

Rocky desperately tries to find a wedding car with the aid of Bobby and Harvey after forgetting to order one. Dotty assists in fixing the wrecked car they’ve discovered, but Jean is indignant about the circumstance. To assist Billy, Freddie offers to find Janet a wedding hat while also committing theft.

Bobby is seated in the back of the wedding car.

Frankie is eventually persuaded to report the harasser to the police thanks to Lola’s encouragement and Ben’s assistance. Mick stands by her as she addresses Jack with her statement.

Tuesday September 13

Kat is not particularly happy to see her ex. Alfie begs Kat to think twice about getting married to Phil, but an irate Kat puts him in his place. As Phil approaches and challenges Alfie, Kat assures him that she will meet him at the altar. Alfie tries his luck with Kat after Phil has left, but she makes him leave.

Alfie discovers Bert and Ernie snuck into his van when he returns to his canal boat. Alfie calls Kat while she is talking to Stacey about the twins making her late for the wedding by making her go get them. When Kat arrives, the situation spirals out of control because the twins won’t get off the bus.

Alfie makes every effort to persuade Kat that choosing to wed Phil is the wrong course of action, but will his efforts be successful?

When Billy finds out what Freddie has done, he panics, but he eventually comes back with a hat for Janet. Everyone is waiting impatiently for Kat to arrive at the church as Mo places bets on whether or not the wedding will take place. Sharon, Kathy, and Shirley toast their breakup with Phil at The Vic, but Sharon has an idea when she finds out Kat won’t be there.

When Jack informs Frankie that getting a conviction will be difficult, Mick feels helpless, which infuriates Frankie. Later, she witnesses Nugget and Denzel interacting with an awkward Amy, which makes her angrier still. Linda makes an effort to help her. Finlay invites Dotty for a drink after they develop a bond over their fathers. Vinny is devastated when he sees them leaving together.

Wednesday September 14

The awkwardness at the church increases as Phil anxiously awaits word on Kat’s whereabouts because she has still failed to show up for her wedding. As soon as Sharon learns what’s going on, she makes her way to the church to make one last attempt to find Phil. Sharon tries to persuade Phil that he’s marrying the wrong woman while Alfie makes every effort to reunite with Kat. Will Kat and Phil eventually get married, or will Sharon and Alfie get their way?

Frankie is taken to get food by Lola after she notices that she is feeling down. They are harassed by a group of men at Walford East, and Ravi intervenes to stop them. Lola goes off on some actions, which makes Frankie even more uneasy Frankie finds encouragement to speak up for women in some men.

She runs into Amy at the café, who is with Jack, and apologizes for not intervening when Denzel and Nugget were bugging her. This makes Jack irate.

Vinny becomes envious of Finlay’s friendship with Dotty and punches him as the tension mounts. Vinny attempts to call Dotty after Ash comforts him and informs him that she and Finlay are sharing a bed.

Thursday September 15 

Dotty starts her “walk of shame,” but Bernie stops her right away and nudges her to tell Vinny the truth. Rocky notices Dotty thinking and, despite not being aware of the circumstances, gives the same counsel.

Vinny is devastated when Dotty tells him what happened, and Finlay’s intervention only makes matters worse.

Vinny sends Dotty away from the house. At the office, Frankie formally reprimands Denzel and Nugget for their treatment of Amy. Frankie thanks Linda for standing up for Amy; it was the right thing to do.


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