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When does Kelly leave Coronation Street? Millie Gibson exit explained

All you need to know ahead of the character’s imminent departure.

What time Kelly departs Coron? It is official that Millie Gibson, who plays Kelly Neelan on Coronation Street, will leave the show after three years.

As the disclosure of a major bombshell occurs simultaneously with Kelly’s exit scenes, it appears that the character won’t be around for much longer on our screens. But when and why is she departing?

RadioTimes.com has all the information you require prior to Kelly’s farewell on the ITV soap opera, which has promised an action-packed autumn. tion Street? Exit of Millie Gibson is described
So continue reading to get all the answers to your pressing inquiries.

Kelly Neelan’s final Coronation Street storyline explained

Back in 2019, Kelly was first revealed to be the teenage daughter of Gary Windass (Mikey North), who was having trouble with Rick Neelan (Greg Wood). Gary ended up killing Rick in self-defense because he was a nasty piece of work and burying his body in the woods. Kelly is not yet aware of this important fact, but we know that will soon change.

While serving time in a Young Offenders Unit for the murder of Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni), which she witnessed but did not participate in, Kelly had already made an attempt on her life earlier in the difficult year. Gary and his wife Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) took Kelly in after she was eventually released, and now they consider her a part of their family

their household.

Gary, however, betrayed Kelly deeply by allowing Kelly’s mother Laura (Kel Allen) to claim responsibility for Rick’s murder just before she passed away from cancer. Now that Kelly is engaged to Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain), she is hoping for a happy future, but when she learns Gary’s murderous secret, her hopes will be dashed. This will result in a dangerous rooftop brawl.

When is Kelly Neelan leaving Coronation Street?

Iain MacLeod, the executive producer of Coronation Street, recently hinted at the details of Kelly’s departure, which will air later this month. She will be leaving much sooner than you might have anticipated.

The actor said, “The fact that Millie [Gibson] is leaving, and as a result Kelly is leaving, allows us to go really big and do something incredibly high stakes, to possibly have some characters step on all these landmines that we’ve buried for them over the years and have them all go off in one cataclysmic explosion.”

Because there are such high stakes at stake, “we’ve really thrown everything at this week to try and bring out all the big secrets, lies, reveals, and schemes.”

According to MacLeod, Gary got his just desserts because star Gibson decided to leave: “At Being forced to leave Kelly means that it’s kind of now or never, so we’ve gone all in and done something I think is really special. We’ve toyed with blowing it all up and revealing the full secret to everyone before, but we always just fall slightly short of that.

Will Kelly Neelan be killed off in Coronation Street?

Let’s hope not, then! However, since a roof is involved, Kelly or Gary run a significant risk of falling or even getting pushed. Kelly might try to push Gary off the roof in an attempt to kill him, or she might fall off the building herself. Although Gary loves Kelly dearly, would he sacrifice her life to keep his secret hidden?

The location on the roof might be a red herring in terms of these characters’ ultimate fate. After this particular altercation, could Kelly die? What if Kelly is the unintended victim and Gary is the intended one?

Of course, the more optimistic scenario is that Kelly will pass away with her life intact. But if she does, will she make sure Gary is punished for the murder in some way? In the upcoming weeks, keep an eye on all the most recent news to learn what happens next.


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