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Emmerdale, Corrie and EastEnders episode guide: Trial verdict, returns and killer twists

Next week, major events in the soap operas Emmerdale, Corrie, and EastEnders will be broadcast, including trial verdicts, killer bombshells, and enormous secrets.

This week’s soap operas have some major moments coming up on Emmerdale, Corrie, and EastEnders, respectively.

One character in Emmerdale makes a startling discovery, while another tries desperately to cover up their betrayal.

Expect significant drama on EastEnders as two returning characters visit Walford during the year’s biggest wedding.

Corrie will witness killer combshells, wedding drama, and Toyah’s murder trial in Weatherfield.

This week’s schedule for all three soap operas is provided below, so you can see exactly what will happen when.

So with this daily spoiler guide, we’ve got you covered for anything from the unexpected turn of events in Walford to the most recent Corrie drama to the tense scenes airing on Emmerdale.


Monday 8pm
Toyah tells Spider and Leanne a horrifying confession. Aadi informs a shocked Dev of his impending marriage.

George receives complaints from Eileen about his domineering sister, and James tells Aggie that contemplating a life without football is pointless. Zeedan and Alya believe that things are changing.

Wednesday 8pm
Leanne tries her best to defend her sister in court, but Toyah decides she must take the stand as she listens, overcome with guilt.

Unknown newcomer drops Stu-related news, but what does he have to say? Kelly overhears Maria criticizing her relationship with Aadi.

Friday 8pm

After learning that Laura was unable to have killed Rick, Kelly confronts Gary about his passing.

Toyah has won, while Spider declares his intention to stay and meets with DS Swain to talk about his position.

Leo raves about their new life in Canada, and Jenny tries to project a positive attitude. When Stephen connives to defraud Glenda, Alya and Stu are shocked.


Monday 7:30pm

When Hazel and Millie don’t show up, Kim experiences the shock of her life and finds out there has been an accident. She discovers the truth—Jamie is still alive—as she visits Hazel in the hospital.

Because of Nicola’s attack, Naomi worries that she will go to jail. Jai, on the other hand, is thrilled when Laurel asks him to move back in.

Tuesday 7:30pm

A terrified Millie flees after Kim is given unambiguous evidence that Jamie is still alive.

Mack struggles with lying and intends to be honest with Charity.

Wednesday 7:30pm

Kim is concerned after learning that Millie has not been found by the police. The news from Mack has delighted Charity.

When Priya expresses concern for Liam, Jai intervenes.

Thurs. 7:30 p.m. (hour long)
As his mystery fling makes contact, Mack keeps his secret a secret, prompting him to warn.

Rishi and Bernice may find love, while Leyla and Liam are in couples therapy.

Fri. 7:30 p.m.
Relationship between Liam and Leyla is still tense. Rishi is challenged by Bernice about his actions.

Noah consents to become Marcus’s apprentice.


Monday 7:30pm

Two people return to Walford as Kat and Phil’s wedding day approaches. In her quest to avert the wedding, Sharon is not acting alone.

Kat is stunned when Alfie returns to Walford. Rocky makes a mistake as Mick enlists Lola’s assistance.

Tuesday 7:30pm

Drama results when Alfie urges Kat to rethink her engagement to Phil. Knowing what Freddie has done sends Billy into a panic.

When Jack informs Frankie that obtaining a conviction will be challenging, she becomes irate. Finlay invites Dotty for a drink after they develop a bond over their fathers.

Wednesday 7:30pm

Things become awkward when Kat doesn’t show up for her wedding. Sharon makes an effort to win Phil back. A group of guys bother Frankie and Lola.

Dotty and Finlay have a sexual encounter, which infuriates Jack after he makes a discovery.

Thurs. 7:30 p.m.

Dotty explains what occurred to Vinny. Denzel and Nugget are formally reprimanded by Frankie for their actions.


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