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EastEnders spoilers: Sad death, new murder horror, mum violently attacked

Tragic events are about to occur once more on EastEnders as the Bakers are shattered much too soon by Avery (Omar Lye-Fook). The aftermath of his death causes the family to experience yet another shock.

And an old death returns to haunt the Panesar family when Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) experiences a pang of conscience and acknowledges his involvement in Jags’ demise.

The Panesars will soon collapse from within.

Honey and Jay’s (Emma Barton and Jamie Borthwick) relationship is also in trouble, and it doesn’t help that he is out having fun and joking around with his ex-Lola (Danielle Harold).

very sad day

Avery is desperate to visit a former restaurant that he and Mitch frequented when they were younger, but Mitch has another idea because he is aware that Avery is too weak and not in good health.

Later, after leading Avery to the laundromat, Mitch throws him a surprise party with a Caribbean theme. With Tara in charge of the festivities and the brothers reminiscing, Avery thanks Mitch for his efforts. Avery passes away while Mitch is speaking to him.

Kathy visits Ben at The Arches while Rocky is bugging her about his behaviour and advises him to speak with a professional who can help him. James, a customer who interrupts them, is someone Ben quickly recognises as a former classmate. Ben feels uncomfortable as James starts to flirt with him as they are driving to the car lot to buy a car. Meanwhile, Kathy discovers a concerning development.

As tensions between Ben and Rocky continue to simmer, things for Kathy get worse. Angered by the way Ben is treating Kathy, Rocky snaps at Ben and tells him the truth. As things spiral out of control, Kathy steps in to defend Rocky, and Ben unintentionally punches her instead.

Ash issues a warning before Suki surprises Stacey with an invitation to dinner. Stacey brings her kids, thinking it’s a ruse, but she regrets it when she sees Suki has made an effort. Kheerat shows up shortly and appreciates Suki’s effort.

Howie, who lives in Walford East, is dismayed that a lucrative job has been cancelled. He tells Kim that he has been kicked out of his apartment, which prompts her to suggest that he move in with her permanently. The two hear Dana and Bobby arguing, and when Dana leaves, Kim takes the chance to offer Kathy Howie’s services.

Monday, July 17

a common enemy

Ben crashing on the couch makes Honey unhappy, and she expresses her displeasure. Kheerat is shocked to see Ben at The Arches while he is supposed to be on leave and tries to give him some advice. Later, Kheerat runs into Callum and advises that he check in on Ben because he is worried about him.

When Honey confronts Kathy about her broken lip in the Albert, she isn’t persuaded by her response. After noticing the exchange, a repentant Ben approaches Honey and apologises to Kathy, but when she suggests that he seek assistance, he yells at her.

Kathy decides to practise tough love and refrain from communicating with him until he receives assistance. Ben has nowhere else to turn because Phil is occupied, so he meets James by chance and brings him to the Arches, where they start kissing. Ben accepts James’ invitation and takes the drugs as Rocky consoles Kathy.

Ben is even more heartbroken to see his ex-girlfriend so happy when Whitney suggests a theme night out after hearing that Callum and Ben should be on vacation.

Mitch takes Karen and Harvey to lunch at Walford East so they can talk about expensive funeral arrangements. Karen and Harvey encourage him to support Finlay and Felix and remind him that they are family.

When Karen hands Mitch a letter she found from Avery in The Vic, he makes an unexpected finding. Mitch mulls over how to tell Finlay and Felix about his extravagant funeral plans as they talk about them.

Because of his new position, Howie is only making Kathy’s reaction to the events of yesterday worse.

Tuesday, July 19


When Kheerat enters The Arches, Ben tries to hide, hides the drugs, and dismisses Kheerat’s worries.

In the midst of Kheerat’s sentimental remarks about their friendship, Ben is overcome with regret for what he did to Jags. Ben is self-loathing and using more drugs when he runs into Phil, who is worried about Ben’s actions.

Ben makes a scene at Peggy’s, and when Kheerat notices he’s high, she takes him back to the Panesars so Ash can check him out.

As Kheerat supports his friend, Ben declines their assistance. Feeling overwhelmed by guilt, Ben tells the Panesars that he killed Jags and ended the protection.

Ben accidentally hit Kathy, whom Kathy then hands Jay a suitcase full of. After making fun of Jay about Honey taking care of him, Lola invites Jay to Peggy’s for a drink, and Jay accepts. He is surprised to see Honey up for it because he had assumed she wouldn’t be interested, but she later passes out on the couch, leaving Jay to go alone.

Telling Felix and Finlay what transpired, Mitch and Karen do so apprehensively.

Wednesday, July 20

Walking away, Jay

While Frankie and Lola continue to annoy Jay about Honey, Jay enjoys a night out. Jay is pretty inebriated when he arrives home late, and Honey is not impressed.

Felix and Finlay attend Peggy’s party and mingle with the neighbours.

The Panesars are in disbelief after hearing Ben’s bombshell revelation, but how will Kheerat respond to hearing that Ben killed Jags?

When Phil says he saw Ben high and they find out he was in a fight, Kathy’s concern for Ben grows in the meantime.


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