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EastEnders spoilers: Will Kheerat Panesar take revenge on Ben?

Ben Mitchell’s shocking revelation leaves Kheerat Panesar speechless in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm on BBC2). For complete listings, see our TV Guide.

Following Ben Mitchell’s admission that he effectively put their brother Jags Panesar’s life in danger, Kheerat Panesar and the Panesar family are in total disbelief. They are in shock after hearing that Ben terminated Jags’ protection while he was incarcerated as payback for Kheerat dating his father’s ex-girlfriend Sharon Watts.

Suki Panesar, the matriarch, of course, has her own secret and lies to cover up Jags’ passing. She used Jags’ friendship with Habiba Ahmed as justification for framing him in a robbery and assault at the club that was actually the fault of her other son Vinny Panesar.

Will Suki’s personal contribution to her son’s death be revealed in full? And now that Kheerat is aware that Ben is the one who killed his brother, what will he do to him?

After Honey went to sleep, Jay Brown snuck out of the house to meet Lola Pearce for a night out at Peggy’s club. Frankie Lewis, Lola’s new best buddy, has joined the group of friends for the fun, and they are quickly downing shots.

The girls ultimately Living with the more senior Honey Mitchell, Jay gets teased about growing old before his time, but he tries to take it in stride.

Honey has awakened by the time he gets home and she is not impressed by his state! He looks so much worse for wear!

Additionally, Felix Baker and Finlay Baker go to Peggy’s for a couple drinks since they want to meet some of the residents of Walford.


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